Thursday, November 22, 2018


Holidays are an opportunity for thoughts such as, Will this be Ed's last Thanksgiving? These thoughts can suck all the thankfulness out of the day.

Last year we didn't know if it was Ed's last Thanksgiving, but we were given another year. So I'm trying to enjoy today and not worry about next year.

That goal is much easier this week when Ed is feeling better than he has in weeks. If Ed was still declining, it would be much more difficult.

Yesterday we had a follow-up visit with Ed's doctor. She was pleased at his improvement. His mind is more focused than a week ago. We hope that the improvement will continue as Ed receives more infusions.

Since this visit was shorter than most of Ed's appointments, we took the children along and did some sightseeing in DC afterward.

We parked at Union Station. What fun to walk through this busy train station with its amazing architecture. Made me want to bring my suitcase and jump on a train bound for California.

Note for large families: The Union Station parking garage costs $15 for a whole day and has plenty of room for large vans.

Next door to Union Station is the US Postal Museum, which is part of the Smithsonian. We learned about the history of the postal service through the many exhibits.

The children explored the huge postage stamp collection.

Ed walked slowly, but he wasn't exhausted yet so we walked over to the US Capital building.

We were able to catch the last Rotunda tour of the day. We were here a few years ago, but I always enjoy the sculptures and paintings depicting US history.

Then it was the challenge of getting home. Thankfully, the Thanksgiving traffic wasn't bad. I still don't enjoy driving, but since Ed quit driving a few months ago, my skills have certainly improved. With Ed's coaching, I'm learning to maneuver in city traffic. But no one is more glad than me to arrive home.

Last week, a family day like this would have been impossible. So grateful for God's continued care for our family. 


  1. Dear Gina please don't focus on wondering if this Ed's last Thanksgiving or last Christmas or any of that. I'm glad you are enjoying today with family and friends. Have a very blessed Thanksgiving.

  2. Awesome! I know what you mean about train stations - they're so alive! Reminds me of the Little House books, where Laura and Pa always thrilled at trains. My husband was just telling me about when he lived in a small town out west and got to know the train schedule and used to jump on and hitch rides between towns! Once the train didn't make its usual stop and it took him all day to make it back. You guys have such nice smiles :)

  3. I'm just coming through a week of "nursing" my husband after a surgery that had a bit of complication, and each day I am thankful for the progress he has made each. Sometimes it's the littlest improvements that encourage us to keep trusting.

    I'm so glad you had a beautiful day with your family and for the protection He gave as you traveled home.

  4. You don't know me, though I've followed your blog several years and use your posts with book lists in my classroom. Glad to hear about your good family day and that this week is going better.

    Our ladies' Sunday School has prayed for you and did again last Sunday. May God's strength continue to be very real.

    Thank you for your honesty in this journey. It has been used to challenge me to make the most of each day.

  5. Praise the Lord, we specifically had time in prayer for you all today. We will not stop praying!

  6. Praise be to God, for the good day TOGETHER!!!!

  7. Gina, I was praising God for the great day He blessed you with!! So glad you (and your children) can still have these days with your husband. Continuing to pray.

  8. I'm so glad you can enjoy the small improvements and family times. Your family is held so dearly by so many in prayer and care...and if you ever get west to California you would all be welcome right here nestled up near Yosemite. Your family has an invitation in perpetuity.

  9. Oh, what a huge answer to prayer, Ed & Gina! We're so thankful that you had this special day together, and that Ed's infusions are bringing improvements!! Continuing to pray for you and yours! ~Eunice

  10. I'm so glad you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving together. Your trip was an excellent learning experience for your children. Please don't think about if this will be Ed's last holiday with you -- perhaps God is using Ed as an inspiration and encouragement to others through Ed's faith and renewed health? God is our glorious Father whose mercies and miracles abound! God bless you all!


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