Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Changing Perspective

I've been thinking this week of those of you who are remembering your loved ones. When I read this post by Sara, I wanted to share it with you.

It was cold. At least, it felt cold to the two children dancing in the rain. Heads tilted against the torrential downpour, they came shrieking and laughing onto the porch for temporary shelter. Dripping wet, the younger one tapped my arm lightly the way you might touch a pan to see if it is too hot to carry. 
"Isn't my hand cold?" Her eyes glittered with happiness. "It is so cold out here! It is as cold as when it snows!"

Go read the rest of the post at Dewdrops of Joy.

Though we have never met, I've enjoyed reading Sara's blog for many years. But this short post is my favorite. Please go read A Matter of Perspective.


  1. Thank you Gina. What a beautiful post Sara wrote. It really does change one's perspective.


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