Thursday, March 22, 2018

Snowy Recuperation

March has sent us some crazy weather. I enjoy snow, but a snow storm on the first day of spring would not be my first choice. On Monday we had all enjoyed a walk outside in the balmy sunshine and I found myself starting to look forward to gardening again.

But Tuesday and Wednesday found us watching snowflakes. I couldn't help but think it was perfect timing. How better to recuperate from surgery then to sit on the recliner in a warm house watching the snow? I loved that all of us were together at home with no stress of going anywhere. And now the sun is coming out and promises to melt the snow and return us to spring.

I know that no one envies me for having a sick husband, but there are a few advantages. I've probably spent far more hours with my husband the last weeks than some women do in a year. I cherish these days.

Ed has spent the week resting, reading, playing games with the children, and helping me with homeschooling. He feels great - at least in his head. All the sitting this past week must have pinched a nerve in his hip or something. Now he can't walk without pain.

Hopefully that too will soon start feeling better. Yesterday afternoon he and our boys worked for a while in the shop on some router jobs. Today Ed decided to go to work for a few hours. He is restricted in how much he can lift, but hopefully moving around more will bring him some relief to his hip.

Thanks so much for all your prayers for our family.


  1. I smiled the entire time I read this post. You amaze me with the way you can look at the bright side... and how wonderful that Ed felt good enough to go to work for a while today. I had a tooth pulled this morning and I’m complaining about the pain and swelling of that! Sure puts things in perspective doesn’t it? May the Lord continue to bless you and your sweet family.
    Always, Betsy

  2. Gina, how amazing that your hubby felt well enough to do some work so soon after an operation. I will continue to pray for you all as you face the road ahead.

  3. I'm glad to see Ed doing so well! And it's a blessing to see how you are finding the roses among the thorns. God bless and keep each of you!

    Mary Beth Martin

  4. This makes me so happy to see Ed smiling!! Wishing you all grace for today.

  5. Praying with you for relief for Ed's hip pain, and so encouraged by how well he's feeling in spite of his major surgery!! <3 ~Eunice

  6. I love the picture of the wee girls sitting on the couch with their daddy. All smiles and joy. Children are such a blessing :)

  7. Praising God with you for Ed's recovery and continued prayers for you, Ed and your family. May rich blessings of rest and refreshment be yours this Lord's day.

  8. I’m new but I enjoy so much, your refreshing spirit! Someone who may help even further is Nabeel Qureshi. His wife has incredible faith.

  9. That's great how well Ed is doing and that the whole family is getting to spend a lot of time together. I have to admit I envy your snow days. It will be nice to live in a state again that gets snow:-)


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