Monday, August 28, 2017

New Sizes: Sew Basic Dress Patterns

Last fall I told you about my new favorite dress patterns for girls - Sew Basic Dresses patterns. Since then I've used those patterns many many times and continue to be very pleased.

This summer Michelle at Sew Basic designed some more sizes. Now she has available sizes 10, 12, 14, and 16. I was thrilled. My thirteen-year-old needed more dresses so I had the perfect model to try out these new patterns. As difficult as it is to find little girl dresses, I think it is even more difficult to find modest dresses for young ladies.

The pattern includes two skirt patterns, one fitted and one pleated. It also includes two sleeve patterns, fitted and gathered. A cape pattern is included or you can choose to omit the cape and make a lined bodice if you prefer.

We made the first dress exactly according to the pattern except for lengthening the skirt by a few inches. Michelle said that because of paper size, she couldn't make the skirt pattern as long as she wished. We also added a cuff to the sleeve.

The fit was perfect for my daughter, but the bodice was a little high-waisted on her. So for the next dress I used the extension line on the pattern to lengthen the bodice. This time we used the pleated skirt. Again the dress fit perfectly.

The third dress I again used the extended bodice this time with the fitted skirt. Again my daughter was super pleased with the way it fit. The pattern fit together so well and is so simple that she was able to help cut out the dress and do some of the sewing. Hopefully with a little more practice she'll be sewing her own dresses.

You can purchase Sew Basic patterns at Etsy or contact Michelle at sewbasicdresses 

Disclaimer: I was given two patterns to review, but the opinions of this review are my own.


  1. Such lovely dresses. I need to go back to my sewing lessons so I can learn to make dresses. I have the Christian Light sewing curriculum which I really like though it is geared towards young ladies.
    Thank you for the recommendation on the pattern.

  2. Wow!! These are great dresses!! Lovely model too!!

  3. What beautiful dresses, and your daughter is becoming a lovely young lady !!

  4. I really like the dresses that you made for your daughter. She looks great in them. Now, I wish I knew how to see, so I could make dresses for my daughter. Thank you for sharing.

    1. By the way, that should read how to sew not see. The auto spell check got me:-)

  5. I was looking for some clothes for my grandchildren today and was surprised by the adult type clothes for young girls as early as nine years old. I was a bit shocked.

  6. What pretty dresses and your daughter is growing up to be such a lovely young lady. The clothing selection for young girls and women is anything but modest these days.Thank you for sharing these patterns. Blessings to you and your family.

  7. Beautiful dresses! I can tell by the smiles on her face that she loves them. God bless your family, Gina!

  8. Beautiful dresses and delightful models. I am actually converting (gradually) to exclusively wearing cape dresses. I find them totally modest, especially with long sleeves. For a little "flair" a Peter Pan collar is a nice touch. When combined with a pinafore apron with a high round yoke, makes a modest and tidy ensemble. Blessings , Grace.


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