Monday, May 1, 2017

Popcorn - forts, tulips, and trails

Sometimes I'm not sure where my time goes, but here is a photo record of the last couple days.

When I was a girl, my family would have a picnic at Fort Frederick every summer. I loved walking around those huge walls. 

I thought it was time to take my children to visit Fort Frederick and their annual Market Days was the perfect chance. We toured the fort, watched the drills, and listen to the musket firing.

But the highlight was the market where dozens of craftsmen and sutlers such as this potter, were selling their wares. 

All the venders' merchandise, tents, and costumes had to be appropriate for North America in the mid-1700's. There was some fine craftsmanship (and high prices) on display.

I don't have many  tulips this year.

Could this be why?

But if you can deny a few flowers to those curls and eyes.

You have a harder heart than I.

We spent the weekend at Ohio Wilderness Boys Camp visiting my brother Todd who is on staff at the camp. On Saturday three of my siblings, four of my children, one niece, and four nephews ran in the Redbud Trail Challenge 5K. Here they pose with big grins (and clean clothes) before the race. 

My children lined up at the starting gate. 

And they are off! (If you are reading this by email, you may have to click over to the site to view the video.)

My children had been practicing at home and were hoping to beat their record from last year. But it had rained for hours during the night and the trail was slick. In the video you can see the runners head up a steep hill (maybe better called a mountain) which was quickly churned to mud by all those feet. Thankfully the rain slowed during the race and my children said the drizzle felt good.

My ten-year-old made a strong finish.

He was thrilled to beat his older brother and cousin by almost a minute.   

Not long after the children finished, the rain started again in earnest. We enjoyed lunch while hiding from the steady downpour. When we got back to where we were staying, I had a washing machine load of  muddy sneakers and clothing.

But by evening the sun came out and Todd took us down to the lake for a hotdog roast.

Nothing gives a good appetite like fresh air and exercise. 

And a little music to aid digestion.

Another great visit to camp.

And now it is Monday with more loads of laundry.


  1. What fun! Your littlest is adorable.. the tulips will wait! I always enjoy when you share your life. It brightens my day..thank you!!

  2. Hello there Gina,
    Thank you for these great photos! It reminds me of all the exciting things I used to do when I was a boy.
    A couldn't help but notice that in nearly every photo of your boys, they are always wearing button up shirts, neatly tucked in with a belt in clean jeans. Is this there sense of style or is this how you ask them to dress?
    I ask because, after years of being away, I feel it is time to return to the church, and I'm wondering what standards other Christian families have for their boys.
    Thanks, Kelan

    1. Karen -
      Our boys will sometimes wear t-shirts at home or camping but we like them to wear buttoned shirts. We feel it looks less sloppy than t-shirts. But they are not always neat and tidy since they are very much boys!

  3. hi gina, i was wondering the same thing.
    also, do you cut your girls’ hair? or do you leave it uncut? just wondering. our daughter has uncut hair and we’re wondering how to fit it under her covering.

    1. Our girls' hair is uncut.

      A good covering maker can make a covering to fit any size of bun if a girl has long hair and a fair-size bun when she pins it up.

    2. thanks, we’ll have to look into that. what style of covering do your girls wear? how long is their hair?
      our church doesn’t specify a particular covering type, i typically wear a bonnet-style covering like this:
      but that’s because i’m more old-fashioned. :) just wondering what your girls do so we can look into similar for our girls, who are new to covering.
      thanks and god bless!

    3. My girls do not yet wear a covering. If you look at the photos above you can see how long their hair is.

      If you search online you can find lots of styles of coverings and veils.

  4. OH what fun!! The fun will live on forever, with big stories about running in the rain !! Your current littlest is picture-perfect with her curls and tulips! Thanks again for sharing!

  5. This is a very minor part of this lovely post, but your littlest's orange polka dot dress is adorable.

  6. Time around a campfire always time well spent.

    My husband and boys don't wear t shirts outside our property. They wear cloth shirts. We feel t shirts are basically undergarments and it would be like me going out in my slip. But that's us.


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