Monday, October 31, 2022

Motherhood Magazine Issue 3


I was thrilled to open a box of the newest issue of Motherhood magazine this afternoon. Since spring, I've been working on this issue as part of the editorial team, and it is a delight to hold the final product in my hands.

Today is a gray rainy day, the last day of October, a day when darkness is celebrated. Though I love fall, and this year has included an oustsoundingly brilliant leaf display, this fall has held reminders of the hard things. Maybe I'll write more later about the last months, but for now, I want to share a resource that aims to bring the light of Christ to your home. 

Since we planned for Issue 3 of Motherhood to be released in the fall, we chose to focus on the theme of "Light" for this issue. 

Twenty ladies of all ages who live in various countries around the world, shared articles, stories, and poetry sharing their journey of walking in God's light. Some are hard stories, such as the mom who mourns the loss of her eyesight or the mother who buried a baby. Other moms share how God's light shone in their lives, bringing repentance and a desire to walk in truth. Women wrote about opening up their hearts and homes to let their light shine to others. Older moms share a vision for walking in light all the days of their life, even when their children are grown.

Some of the articles share on practical topics such as hospitality and ideas to bring physical light into our homes. A tutorial gives ideas on using Mason jars for organization, decoration, and a children's party.

This issue is a perfect gift for your mom friend of any age. The beautiful photos and artwork make the pages a delightful rest for the eyes and mind. My prayer is that each word and splash of color can be a blessing to other women as it blessed me.

To get you own copy, go to the Motherhood website. Or email Kerra at stan.kerra2012@ . The price per issue is $12. A one dollar discount per issue is available for sets of ten copies so combine your order with a friend or get extras for gifts.

If you live close to me and want a discount on shipping, I have copies of all three issues available for pick up at my house. 

If you want to be included on an email list to get updates on every issue of Motherhood magazine as well as get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of some of the women who write and design the magazine, sign up for the Motherhood email list.


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