Thursday, May 4, 2017

Bookmarks: Middle-Grade Fantasy

I'm loving all the book suggestions you gave on the last book post. Check out the comments if you haven't already.

This list contains some of the recent fantasy books I have preread for my children. If you don't like make-believe or talking animals, skip these books. But you'll be missing some fun.

Persimmony dreams of doing great things but never imagines that one night she will lose her hat in the Willow Woods and be drawn into an adventure to save her island from a giant.

A Mouse Called Wolf by Dick King-Smith
Wolf might have an unusual name for a small mouse, but he also has an unusual talent. Mrs. Honeybee is delighted to find out his love of singing, but doesn't realize how helpful his talent will become.

Babe,The Gallant Pig by Dick King-Smith
The sheepdog thinks that pigs are stupid, but Farmer Hogget's new piglet may prove her wrong. A fun tale from England's sheep country.

The Indian in the Cupboard by Lynne Reid Banks
Omri's birthday gift was far more surprising than he ever imagined. Somehow, when locked in an old cupboard, the plastic Indian toy came alive.

He doesn't have a name, or a parent, and Queen Victoria's Silver Jubilee may be the perfect time for the smallest mouse to search for answers.

Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt
On a hot day in August Winnie meets a family who is unlike any she has ever met. Soon she needs to make a hard decision. Thought-provoking and beautifully written (which isn't code for boring). There are many books written about death but this explores living forever. I'm saving this to read aloud to my children to discuss with them.

Freddy the Detective by Walter R. Brooks
When Freddy reads Sherlock Holmes, he decides to become a detective even if he is a pig. When a toy train is missing he has the perfect case, but soon Freddy finds that being a detective is not always easy. This is one of the books I read aloud to the children so we could howl in laughter together. Note: some mild swearing.

Tumtum and Nutmeg by Emily Bearn
Two mice live in comfort in a broom closet and set out to cheer up the lives of the two children in their house. But will they survive when Aunt Ivy tries to get rid of the mice? 

Ever wonder why some of the sweetest children's books about mice?

Your turn. Do you have some favorites that I haven't mentioned?

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  1. We have enjoyed The Doll People by Ann Martin. There are a couple sequels to it, all of them good. I purchased (for $.99) The Runaway Dolls on Audible and we thoroughly enjoyed listening to that one.

  2. Probably some of the fiction books I recommended would be fantasy!
    How about:
    "Pippi Longstocking"!

  3. You mentioned sweet children's books about mice; I love that comment! ...especially as I just finished listening to Young Fredle by Cynthia Voigt... a very heart-warming mouse tale. It's actually a sequel (but can be read as a stand-alone book) to Angus and Sadie.

    1. I never heard of that one! Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Hi Gina! Thanks so much for all your wonderful posts about books. It's great to see others enjoying the same books we have and learn about other books we've not yet enjoyed! Our boys are big fantasy/allegory fans. Here are some of their favorites...
    (These first four may be a little more intense)
    The Books of the Infinite Series, by RJ Larson
    All of Christian author Chuck Black's series
    Frank Peretti's Cooper Kids Adventures
    Gilbert Morris' The Seven Sleepers Series

    The Phantom Tollbooth, by Norton Juster
    Countdown, by Ben Mikaelsen
    The Amazing Tales of Max & Liz, by Jenny L. Cote

    Keep giving us your suggestions, please! I always look forward to your book posts!

    Blessings to y'all!

    1. Phantom Tollbooth is a favorite here too. Thanks for the reminder. I'll be checking out some of the others you mentioned.

  5. We always enjoyed 'Charlotte's Web' by E.B. White. Have you read 'My Side of the Mountain' by Jean Craighead George? That's another good one! 'A Little Princess' by Frances Hodgson Burnett is a favorite for girls. 'Emily's Runaway Imagination' by Beverly Cleary is hilarious. 'Sarah Plain and Tall' by Patricia Maclachlan is very good. 'The Best Christmas Pageant Ever' by Barbara Robinson. These are mostly not fantasy but I'd think they would all be in the same age range.

  6. Books by Jean Little are very good as well.

  7. We have enjoyed the Harry the Poisonous Centipede series of 3 books by Lynne Reid Banks, an author you mentioned in your post. They are aimed for around 6-8 year olds. We will have to check out The Indian in the Cupboard!

  8. We enjoyed Wayne Thomas Batson's fantasy books; he's a MS teacher and writes fantasies from a Christian perspective. He has several series-"The Door Within" is a favorite book. And of course, Narnia!

  9. We checked out some of these titles, and I got Freddy the Detective on audio as well. We liked Freddie goes to Florida (audio) even better! Thanks for your recommendations! Praying God's peace and healing for your family, Carmen

  10. I have enjoyed various of your suggestions and some of the authors. I enjoy most things by Richard Peck. Have you tried A Long Way from Chicago? It could almost fit in the fantasy lists. In all of your mouse stories have you read Mrs. Frizby and the Rats of Nimm? I cannot get tired of The Wind in the Willows. One more mouse addition would be Redwall. Most things by Kate De Camillo are delightful. I'll add one more title Holes.


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