Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Derby Car Race

Last week our children enjoyed making a pinewood derby car. We were invited to join the derby race at Allegany Boy's Camp on Thursday night. Ed is on the camp board and it was a special treat to be included in this event. Ed served as one of the judges for the most creative and realistic cars.

To make our cars, we bought a simple kit that included a block of wood and the wheels. The children carved out the kind of car (or truck or stretcher) they wanted.

Ed encouraged the children to do most of the work. Still, by the time he had helped four children with their cars, he had a new respect for the camp chiefs (counselors) that were helping assist nine or ten boys!

These are the results from our house. None of them were prize-winners but it was a fun project.

I'm not going to share any photos of the race. Instead, to see oodles of photos of the race and the massive amount of creativity that went into the cars, go to the Alleghany Boys Camp page.

Don't miss the video of the final race where you catch a glimpse of the camp excitement. The noise was deafening. I'm sure there were many hoarse throats the next day. But I loved to see the campers cheering for each other and having a great attitude when they lost.


  1. I am glad you enjoyed your Derby day. Our Derby is coming up this Saturday. Judging is Friday night and both my husband and I were drawn as judges this year.

    1. One of the car makers at our derby was a girl who has 2 guinea pigs...she made her car like the fuzzy little animal with eyes and a soft plush fabric over the body. It was very cute.

  2. Love your Pinewood derby cars!

    Especially the gurney. :) That one made my son smile. He's done the derby a few times.

  3. What a neat experience! The car designs are quite something!!


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