Monday, October 12, 2015

Goal Week - Christmas Countdown

Last year I did an eight week countdown series on preparing for Christmas. I aimed to combine practical tips on preparing for Christmas with some Scriptural insights on preparation.

This year, with a baby due at the beginning of January, I am even more motivated to organize my life. I have a lot of goals that I wish to accomplish the next three months. I know they won't all be completed but the more organized and proactive I am, the greater the chance that a few will be crossed off the list.

Several of you have expressed interest in a countdown for this year. Instead of rewriting or re-posting the entire series, for the next eight Mondays, I plan to link to last year's series plus add in a few other related posts and maybe some printable worksheets.

This week, October 12-17, is goal week. It is an opportunity to consider what is important to you and your family this Christmas. I know that families vary greatly on what they consider important. Here is your chance to analyze whether you are continuing a holiday tradition that has lost its significance to your family.

Prepare - Goal Week  - last year's post

Goal Brainstorming Worksheet - a free printable

What Makes a Christmas Meaningful? - more tips on focusing on Christ during Christmas.

What about you? Are you a planner or would you rather wait until December to start Christmas preparations?

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  1. I loved your christmas countdown last year, it was so helpful, i do like to be organised and also like to have most things done so December is the time to focus on advent. I am looking forward to the christmas countdown posts.


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