Wednesday, August 12, 2015

BLT Wrap

After a day of canning, the last thing I want is to heat up the kitchen making supper.

So when a Home Joys reader sent a recipe for BLT wraps, I knew it was one I wanted to try.

And yum! These are so good. I had to let out the tomatoes for my children (the poor things don't know what they are missing) but Ed and I can eat a crazy amount of these.

Thanks Shi-Enne for sharing this recipe (which I adapted slightly with what I had on hand).

BLT Wraps

Ranch dressing
10 slices of bacon, cooked and crumbled
1 cup chopped tomatoes (grape tomatoes are less juice - but I used what I had)
dash of salt and pepper
2 cups shredded lettuce
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
4 burrito sized tortillas (I only had small fahita-sized tortialls when I was taking these photos so they were overloaded. I should have used six of the smaller size.)

Spread dressing on tortillas. Sprinkle salt and pepper on tomatoes. Layer tomatoes, lettuce, and bacon on tortillas. Wrap tightly and serve.

What is your favorite don't-heat-up-the-kitchen meal?


  1. We just finished a totally delicious loaded pasta salad (with tuna and lots of shredded veggies) with a side of perfect summer tomato slices and a ripe avocado. I cooked the pasta this morning while it was still cool and let the ingredients meld all day. It was the perfect summer meal with leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Happy day.

    1. Your description makes me drool. I think I will put pasta salad on the menu soon.


  2. Burritos. Fill with whAtever shredded greens and / or cabbage available and chopped onion and tomato and refried beans from the freezer and leftover corn off the cob and plain yogurt and shredded cheeses . Also seasoned rice and guacamole from the freezer. Grilled left over zucchini if we have it. Not everyone puts the same things on but they are all tomAto eaters.

  3. What a good idea! We had bacon, lettuce, and tomato salad for dinner last night. Like you and your husband, we really enjoy tomatoes. This will make a good variation. Thank you.

  4. I think I would use the idea of the BLT wrap but leave out the ranch dressing and cheese and just use the standard ingredients with mayonaise in the wrap. We sometimes run out of bread in the summer as I might not get to baking as often as I should if too hot. We always have tortillas.

  5. We've had these twice already since reading your post. Delicious! I had Greek Feta dressing on hand, so we used that. A keeper!

  6. I made these for lunch today and my husband really enjoyed them! Great use for all the cherry tomatoes that I am harvesting out of the garden right now!

  7. These would be good to use my canned beans in as well. YUMMY


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