Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Homemade Campfire Starters

Are you camping this holiday weekend?

We never go camping without a supply of homemade fire starters. Especially if we don't have good kindling or the wood is not dry, a fire starter can help get that campfire ambiance far more quickly.

And with no need to haul along a stinky can of lighter fluid.

All it takes is some common trash items.

You will need:

A cardboard egg carton (not Styrofoam)

Several hand-fulls of dryer lint

Old candle stubs (or a block of paraffin)

A large tin can (a coffee can or juice can works perfect)

Newspaper or cardboard

1. Fill the egg carton cells with dryer lint. No need to pack it full. Place egg cartons on newspaper or cardboard.

2. Bend a pouring spout into your can.

3. Fill the can with wax - either old candles or paraffin.

4. Set the can in a pan of water on the stove.

5. Melt wax with medium heat.

6. Pour wax into egg cartons. I didn't wait until all the wax was melted. As soon as the bottom was melted I poured it out and kept adding more wax in the top.

7. Allow wax to cool and harden.

8. Cut egg cells apart. I let my husband use his power saw. This batch of fire starters should last us several years.

9. Add your new fire starters to your camping gear. The next time you are starting a fire, place a fire starter under your kindling and light a match. The wax and dryer lint will quickly help start a hot fire.

Caution: I don't know if these can be used in an indoor fireplace or wood stove. I have only used them in outdoor campfires.

Do you have any creative uses for trash?


  1. We made these to use for an indoor woodstove. In addition to dryer lint, we added wood chips. Maybe we didn't fill ours as full, because we just tear them apart into 12 pieces. It never occurred to me to take them camping! What a good idea!

  2. We use the toilet paper rolls and old newspaper and pine needles. Roll the pine needles in the newspaper like a burrito then stuff it in the tp roll and it is a great help in starting fires!

    1. Love that idea! Sounds like a fun projects for children!

  3. I've also used these indoors. They make fire starting so fast!

  4. I had forgotten about this. I remember making them year ago when Bobby was little. It was a Science Project he had.
    What fun.

  5. Excellent idea I will be trying that. Thanks for the tip

  6. What a neat idea! How does your family celebrate the fourth (do Mennonites celebrate public holidays)?

  7. We make our fire starters with sawdust from the lumberyard. I just ask for a lunch bag size amount (free!) and this makes several dozen starters. I like the spout on the can concept. Will try that! -Stephanie


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