Monday, November 10, 2014

Prepare - A Christmas Countdown - Week Five

Week Five - Gift Shopping Week - November 10-15

I made fewer than half of last week's crafting goals. But that is okay. If I would have made no goals, I wouldn't have accomplished anything!

We don't buy a lot of Christmas gifts but the children have been begging to go shopping for some gifts for their cousins. So this week's goal is to do some gift shopping. If the shopping is successful, I plan to wrap the gifts immediately. I have found that it works so much better to wrap and label gifts right away. If I stash the shopping bags in a corner of the closet, I may not remember who I bought them for - or that I bought them at all.

Maybe that is one problem with purchasing gifts early. But one benefit is being able to order gifts and choose the best shipping rates since I have plenty of time.

Besides gifts, another item that can be purchased now is a new planner. I like the Time Keeper but other good planners designed for homemakers are Guiding the House and the Daily Planner. A good planner keeps me on tract and helps my feeble brain remember where I should be and when.

Preparation in Scripture
"The horse is prepared against the day of battle: but safety is of the LORD." (Proverbs 21:31)
I can make my plans and be prepared for what I think my day or week will hold. But I can only guess at what the future holds.

No matter how well I am prepared - I will always be surprised by the set backs.

This morning I dove into my Monday work knowing I had a busy week ahead. But my daughter lost her breakfast and my plans for the day were derailed.

Since last Monday, we've received news of three deaths. Not of anyone close to us, but close to people we love and so we grieve with them. And while sometimes death comes to the old and frail who long for heaven, at other times it is to the young and appears far too soon.

So I prepare - for Christmas, for life, but maybe most of all, for death.

I wrap gifts and hold sick little girls. I weep for grieving friends and laugh with giggly toddlers. I make another meal for growing boys and sew a dress for daughter. I fail as a mother and wake up to try again another day. I do what I can and know it will never be enough.

My safety is of the Lord. His grace is my only hope.


  1. I enjoyed this post; it is refreshing to read about other mother who feels like she is barely making any progress by the end of the day. But all it truly matters in the end is spreading over love over the little ones and meeting their physical needs! By the way, what kind of Christmas cookies are you planning to make? I would love some ideas from you :)

  2. blessings with your family and in dealing with death. it's such a hard thing, even though we know we will see them again. hugs.


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