Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Zucchini Pickles

I'm still looking for ways to use our abundant zucchini harvest. Someone suggested pickles.

Our family does not eat a lot of pickles. Only one of my children will touch a pickle so I don't usually plant cucumbers. But I do enjoy pickle relish on hamburgers. I thought I'd give zucchini pickles a try.

After looking up several recipes online, I tried one (with some variations). They were so simple to make and my one pickle-loving child kept diving back into the jar for another taste. I think this recipe will go into the keeper file.

Want to try some?

And if you don't have zucchinis...you know where to come.

Zucchini Pickles
Makes 8 pints

4 lb zucchini
2 onions
4 heaping tablespoons salt
4 cups ice cubes
3 cups apple cider vinegar
3 cups white vinegar
4 cups sugar (or a sweetener substitute such as stevia)
2 tsp whole mustard seed
2 tsp whole peppercorns
1/2 tsp ground tumeric

Slice zucchini 1/8 inch thick. (You may use a knife but a mandolin makes quick work. My mother-in-law gave me this mandolin recently that I'm having fun with.) Slice onions thinly. Mix zucchini and onion in large bowl. Toss with salt and ice cubes. Refrigerate for 3 hours.

Drain zucchini and onion. Rinse with cold water and drain again. Divide zucchini and onion into eight pint jars.

In pan, bring all other ingredients to boil. Pour the liquid into the jars over the zucchini and onion. Allow 1/2 inch head space. Place lids and rings onto jars and process in hot water bath for 10 minutes.

Then grill some burgers and layer in the pickle!


  1. My mom always made pickle relish with zucchini. We always enjoy muffins/bread/cake made with zucchini. I'm glad your plants were so productive. We got some, but it wasn't enough to give away or make pickles. We really enjoyed your cheesy zucchini bites and zucchini pie! I did grate some zucchini into hamburger/turkeyburgers. I read somewhere that you can cut zucchini into chunks and soak in pineapple juice and use in recipes calling for pineapple. I never have just the juice sitting around to find out if it works. Lorinda

    1. I made some "mock pineapple" this year for the first time. It turned out tasty, but didn't really have a pineapple flavor to it. It tasted more like apples to me. I am going to use them in a pineapple casserole recipe I have that has toasted butter crackers on top of it. If you ever have the ingredients, you should try it.

  2. I have made zucchini relish before. It was the same taste as cucumber relish. I also grate it sometimes for later use in things- I put it as part of meat loaf, salmon loaf, spaghetti sauce, and soup. These things help the meal to stretch a bit further.

  3. I find your blog very inspirational...as a stay at home mum, I sometimes need to know and see that how others cope and succeed in making and maintaining a happy home. Thank you for sharing the pickle recipe...I needed to find ways of using up our many zuchinnis too:)

  4. These look good! Another idea for zucchini - use it instead of noodles in lasagna. If you slice it pretty thin the long way, it's about the same shape and thickness of the noodle then layer it with meat, sauce, and cheese as normal. It doesn't taste quite the same, of course, but if you bake it long enough to get the "noodles" tender, it is very enjoyable. This is great especially if you're trying to avoid wheat/gluten.

    I enjoy your posts even though I rarely comment. :)
    - Karen

  5. I made zucchini pickles this year. My recipe was almost like yours but I left out the turmeric (because I was out). They turned out really well. I would have had more jars if we all weren't "tasting" them too before I canned them.

  6. Always neat getting your recipes. I'm a great-grandmother - always looking for new recipes and ideas. Lots of great "old" recipes too.
    Thank you

  7. Someone recently suggested a zucchini recipe that I have been wanting to try: slice zucchini lengthwise, fill with fried ground beef mixed with rice, salsa and spices of choice, and bake until tender. Top with cheese and continue baking until cheese is melted. Spaghetti squash works too. Just a suggestion....

  8. Oh, I hope I can remember this one for summer (in the Southern Hemisphere, it's late winter right now). It's easier for me to grow zucchini than cucumbers, and I have a pickle-loving family. Although, with a baby due in January, the equivalent of your July, that may be harder this year!

  9. I used zucchini for pickles last year! I was pleased with how they got.


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