Thursday, May 22, 2014

Rhubarb Sauce

Our rhubarb plant is finally big enough to provide enough rhubarb for all the many ways I want to enjoy this spring fruit. One of the first from-the-garden recipes my mom made each spring was Rhubarb Sauce. Rhubarb sauce is a sort of cross between applesauce and jello. It does not jell fully like jello. My husband dislikes jello but will eat rhubarb sauce. This may be one of those family recipes that you have to grow up with to enjoy. Great with rhubarb coffee cake!


 I successfully replaced the sugar with stevia powder. I couldn't tell the difference. The rhubarb flavor hides any stevia aftertaste. Of course the jello has sugar so this isn't sugar free. I buy jello in bulk to use in this kind of recipe.

Rhubarb Sauce

2 quarts chopped rhubarb
1 quart water
2 T tapioca
1 cup sugar OR 1 tsp stevia powder
1 cup raspberry or strawberry jello

Combine rhubarb, water, and tapioca. Cook until rhubarb is soft. Add sugar and bring back to boil, stirring often. Remove from heat and stir in jello. Chill before serving.


  1. Yum! I love rhubarb. My mom used to make this; hers was delicious. It's great on oatmeal or ice cream.

  2. I miss my rhubarb plant...I tried to save it when I moved but then I don't have a yard right now anyways, so maybe it was good it died with the process of potting it. I used to always make rhubarb sauce without sugar, I would make it by cutting up the rhubarb and putting it in a pot with canned in juice pineapple and cooking it together and then blending it in the blender. It tastes similar to unsweetened applesauce...still a bit tart but we love it. I did give the recipe to someone else though who said they needed a bit of sugar, but they were able to reduce it from their normal just "rhubarb and sugar" sauce.

  3. I wish it would grow here. I've tried. My mom made rhubarb crunch last night. But she lives many states away. Lorinda

  4. I have never had jello in rhubarb sauce. We just use the rhubarb, sugar and water. If I have frozen strawberries left in the freezer I will add those too.

    I am going to make the upside down rhubarb cake from your website tomorrow. I noticed though pan sizes are missing. There is no size for the cast iron skillet or for the alternative "small pan".

    1. OK, I made this for one of the desserts for Memorial Day. It was very tasty, but like I said no pan size was listed. It said "small" so I used
      9x9 pan. These are my families requests re' the recipe...double the amount of rhubarb used for the recipe (4C rather than 2C) and use a larger pan. So next time, like tomorrow or so, I will try it with the increased rhubarb and butter and br sugar and a 9x13 pan "medium". So...more upside down topping and a slightly thinner cake layer.

      My other desert was a rhubarb pie with frozen peaches from last year added in. We have lots and lots of rhubarb. We sell some at the farm stand even. We've probably pulled 30 pounds at least and our season is just beginning.

    2. Athanasia-
      I wasn't sure what size to tell you. I use a ten-inch dutch oven. Sounds like you have found the method that works for your family! I think I'll be making this today or tomorrow too! Unless I decide to make rhubarb crumb pie. Or maybe both!

      You sure know how to grow rhubarb!

    3. I saw at the grocer that rhubarb was 4.99/pound. So even if you only have one plant, that is great. We sell extra at our farmstand, but for less. We have a goodly number of very large plants and some immature ones.

  5. thank you I lost my recipe. I make a large batch, then can it.Serve it as a sauce with fresh or frozen fruit and bananas. It is so good eaten with a sandwich.


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