Saturday, March 15, 2014

Thanks...for Praying

Thanks so much for all your prayers for Tarica. Several of you have asked for an update. After testing for various things (including very scary things like brain tumors) the doctors have determined that she has epilepsy. Here is an excerpt from an email from Stephanie.

So she has epilepsy. They don't know why it roared out of nowhere. They don't know what caused it. But they are hoping to be able to control the seizures with medication...

I can't believe how relieved I feel about an epilepsy diagnosis. If you had told me a week ago I would have an epileptic child, I would have been horrified. But after considering the worst and after the horrible 12 hours on Tuesday, epilepsy looks manageable. Complicated, in many respects, but manageable.

Thanks for all your prayers. May I ask you to continue to lift us up to the throne of grace? There is a new normal to find and recuperation from a very rough week.

God has been faithful and will continue to be so.

The last email I received from Stephanie said that Tarica was not reacting well to some of the medication. Can you please continue to pray for Tarica and her family?


  1. I have been and will continue to pray. Thank you for letting us know how she is doing.

  2. We will continue praying! And just to share some encouragement, something like that happened to my little brother when he was about that age, sudden seizures out of nowhere, diagnosis of epilepsy, put on medication for what we thought would be the rest of his life, hard reactions. However he adjusted, and after a couple of years he was weaned off the meds, and never had another seizure (it's been many decades), praise the Lord. We will pray for similar recovery for Tarica!

  3. I must have missed the blog about the seizures. (not sure) Our 21yr old daughter started with partial seizures at 14yrs. It took some effort to get things figured out because they are partial. We step by step got to the right Dr. and diagnosis. The seizures were controlled with meds for a time. For the last year we have been working on med changes. We are so happy that she is now on a med that has reduced the seizures to 1-2 a day, sometimes none! We are all grateful for God bringing things to this point. Our daughter would be quite discouraged at times. God is always there even in the uncertain times and He is Always Good!
    Diane Histand

  4. The Lord our God will prevail in the end. We just need to keep our focus on Him during the storm and keep on praying!

  5. The warm fireplaceMarch 16, 2014 at 7:10 PM

    I myself have epilpsey i have managed so far with no medication, but its only a matter of time, i shall keep Tarcia in my prayers.
    God bless sue

  6. I was wondering if you had an update on Tarica? Have they found a medication that works better for her? We've been praying.

    1. Tarica's seizures are now appear under control and the side affects of the medication are decreasing. Thanks so much for your prayers.


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