Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Miracles We Need

The Miracles We Need
By Marilyn Wiens

“Did you ever stop to consider that God may not give you the miracle you want, but instead give you the miracle He knows you need?” the minister asked.  He mentioned some of the miracles that Christians pray for—cures for terminal illnesses, answers to financial setbacks, babies to fill the empty arms of childless couples.

“But, dear friends,” the pastor said, “we can win; we can triumph!  No, we may not make it through the battle with cancer.  God may not spare the life of our sick child.  He might not answer the desperate heart-cries of the childless couple.  God might not miraculously send a generous amount of money in answer to our financial crisis.  But that doesn’t mean He doesn’t hear.  That doesn’t mean He doesn’t care.  He always answers our prayers, but it may be in far different ways than what we’re wishing for.  If we come through these fires shining as gold, that’s victory!  If we come through our trials bowing in submission to God, then we’ve been successful!  Don’t forget, loved ones, sometimes God gives us the miracle He knows we need instead of the miracle we want.”  

Tears stung my eyes, and I buried my face in my son’s hair and squeezed him tight.  What if I had tenaciously clung to the miracle of a biological child and missed the incredible miracle of adoption?   

My mind went back to those years when I thought my prayers weren’t being answered.  They were turbulent years—filled with pleading prayers, bitter tears, and wearying soul-struggles to accept what God was doing in my life.  

God knew the lessons I needed to learn.  He knew the things He wanted to teach me—the new awareness of life and its blessings, a gentleness of spirit and compassion for others who are suffering, and the realization that joy is so much deeper when it comes after pain and emptiness.  God saw the dross; He saw the “me” that needed to be swept away.  He knew how much heat my will needed to make it soft and pliable, and He worked His perfect refining in me by denying me the miracle I thought belonged to me.


This devotional was taken from A Child to Call My Own, a devotional book offering meditations to comfort and inspire women on their journey from infertility to adoption. God’s blessing is on adoption. His heart is toward His people who are willing to get in the trenches and fight for the defenseless little ones. Without our willing hearts and welcoming homes, these little ones may never know who Jesus is. To order your copy, contact Children of Promise Publishers at

Marilyn lives in Rosedale, British Columbia with her husband, Leroy and two sons, Tyler (9) and Riley (4). She enjoys photography, graphic designing, and cooking.  She was one of the editors and writers for the book A Child to Call My Own.  She has a sensitive heart for women walking the heartbreaking, lonely journey of infertility and enjoys a personal ministry of connecting with and ministering to them. You can contact her at

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