Wednesday, June 12, 2013


"Having a heart of sympathy for your children will mean, by necessity, choosing a less busy lifestyle. It will mean lowering your expectations about what can and must be accomplished in a day. If it means winning your child's heart, though, the trade offs are well worth the results." Sally Clarkston

You may have guessed that life has been busy here. I didn't plan to take a blogging break, but somehow writing has fallen to the bottom of the list. Some day I'll be back, but I'm not making any promises of how soon that will be.

Hope you are taking time to enjoy your children today. 


  1. Go for it, Gina! I'm considering just ignoring the computer for 1 month, just to see what that does in our family. And to see if my priorities are where God wants them to be. God bless you.

  2. I will miss you, but this decision rings with wisdom. Hubby and I are doing a study on God's wisdom just now. How I pray that we will all take the time to look to the Lord as we make choices. God bless.

  3. I shall miss reading your posts but family and life is too important to miss in busy times. I've only found your blog a few weeks ago when looking at learning to can. Your recipes have been extremely helpful and canning has meant that I can have a night off cooking from scratch as my two disabled sons have a complex diet and needs to deal with, which can leave me worn out some thank you for teaching me something new, that even gives me a break...your family look beautiful from the photos and praying that this break will refresh you.

    Blessings to you and your family
    Shelley p
    from over the pond

  4. Enjoy them now because you will turn around and they will be grown and gone leaving you wondering where those years went.

  5. I really, really needed that quote this week. Thank you for the words that cut through the murkiness of pressures and oriented priorities.

  6. First things first! We will wait as long as you need. I'm sure you will have some wonderful stories to tell of your summer and the children.

  7. Family comes before blogging - excellent priority arrangement. Enjoy your time with your children!

  8. Dear Gina,

    How is your little girl doing now? I hope she has made a full recovery from her accident and that her eyesight is as it should be. Enjoy the time together as a family, as others with older children often say, they look back and wonder where time went, their children grew up so fast....we should savour every moment with them as long as they are so close to us and depend on us to love them and teach them as much as we can!

    1. Thanks for asking! At our last visit to the eye doctor - her vision was 20/20 - in both eyes! We were so pleased! There is a possibility that as the scar heals, it will cause a astigmatism but the worse case scenario is that she'll need glasses! We are just thanking the Lord!


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