Monday, April 29, 2013

How to Make Dandelion Chains

This past week my daughter asked me how to make dandelion chains. I couldn't believe that somehow in nine years we had missed making dandelion chains together! 

But it is never too late! Little sister joined in the fun.

Green grass and sunny yellow flowers. What can be better than springtime?

Here is how to make your own dandelion chains.

Gather a handful of dandelions. Be sure to include some stem.

With your fingernail, pierce a hole in the stem. Don't get it too close to the bottom.

Take the stem of another dandelion and push it through the hole.

Keep adding until your chain is as long as you want. A couple days later, my son made a dandelion chain that was over ten feet long!

If you want the chain to connect into a circle, make your last hole a little larger and push the flower head of your first dandelion into it.

Enjoy springtime!


  1. Memories! You've stirred up memories of my own childhood and dandelion creations and you're making lovely memories with your children. So important in this busy, busy world of ours.

  2. I totally forgot about these.


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