Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Winter Reading

It has been months since I've shared the books I've been reading. And it is not that I haven't read any good books. Here are a few favorites from the past months.

Uncle Tom's Cabin - Harriot Beecher Stowe
A nation-changing classic that I had never read but, under persuasion of  my book club, I got it finished. And now it is on my list of favorite books.

West with the Night - Beryl Markham
Another book club read (Book clubs are  great places to encourage a person to read a variety of books. I'm crazy enough to be in two books clubs right now!) Beautifully written memoir of flying in Africa during the 1920's.

Crazy Love - Francis Chan
A great reminder of God's great love for me - and my responsibility toward God.

Gardening When It Counts - Steve Solomon
A reread of a terrific gardening book. This is one book I should read every year before the gardening season.

In His Image - Dr. Paul Brand and Philip Yancy
Combines the experiences of a missionary doctor to India's lepers with fascinating descriptions of the human body and analogies to the Body of Christ.

The Scent of Water - Elizabeth Goudge
A lovely visit to an English village and the changing relationships of its inhabitants. Goudge is a new author to me, though she wrote fifty years ago. I'll be looking for more of her books.

What books did you enjoy reading this winter?

As usual, I don't condone everything in these books. Every book needs to be compared to the Word of God. This post contains affiliate links.


  1. I have that Gardening When It Counts book, great wealth of info for sure.. An I remember reading Uncle Toms Cabin in grade school, they just dont read good books anymore now a days

  2. Did you know Steve Solomon has a new book out- The Intelligent Gardener. I've got it on my nightstand and am looking forward to reading it. Gardening When It Counts is definitely still one of my favorites. I really need to get my own copy so I can stop searching the pages on Google Books :)

    1. That is another book on my wish list! I hope you do a book review after you read it and let me know if it is worth purchasing. If it is like Solomon's other books, it will be.

    2. I haven't read the book yet (it's in the line-up next), but I just heard a podcast I listened to while cleaning this afternoon where he was being interviewed and he said at the end that this new book is basically how his methods have changed since GWIC. Now I'm even more interested in reading it. (It was amusing to hear him speak- his personality really comes through in his writing.)


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