Monday, January 21, 2013


Ed and I spent the past weekend at a little honeymoon cottage. How refreshing to spend hours soaking up the solitude of the mountains and time together. 

We had visited this cottage six years ago at Ed's 30th birthday. It was fun to come back and enjoy it again.

The owners have went the extra mile to provide a relaxing place for couples to reconnect.

The cottage is cute, very clean, and beautifully decorated.

Located back a long lane, out of cell phone range, with no other civilization in sight, the setting was perfect. A fresh snowfall added to the beauty of the scene.

There is something about leaving all other responsibilities for a few days that allows the body and mind to recharge. I arrived back home excited about serving my family and community again.

If you are looking for a getaway destination in Pennsylvania, I can recommend the Sweetheart's Country Cottage without reservation.

This weekend was a special blessing because we were given a gift certificate from friends at our church. If you are looking for a way to bless your pastor, consider providing them with the opportunity to enjoy a few days of refreshment.


  1. Aw....that cottage is a favorite if ours, too...we've enjoyed the solitude twice! Another favorite of ours is which we've been blessed by spending time there, twice, too. Now, we're a bit out of the area for either one, but have enjoyed some relaxing times camping...and now our permanent residence is in the woods. :-)

    Glad you could enjoy some refreshing time away together!!!!

  2. How wonderful for you. I know exactly what you mean when you say a Pastor needs a break. It seems my Dearest has been over run with duties for the last two months. yes the work is spread around but not all have young families at home. The joys and burdens are trying on them and their family's. How lovely you could get away and how beautiful a spot. Glad you enjoyed.

  3. How fun! I truly believe that every couple, especially when you have small children, need some time alone together to reconnect and recharge. We were blessed with fantastic parents that were more than willing to keep our children for a weekend once a year while hubby and I stayed at a Bed & Breakfast in the Amana Colonies in Iowa.

    I'm so happy you and your husband had this time together. The cottage looks beautiful.


  4. Wow, what a lovely place to visit. And that kitchen! Much bigger than mine at home. I realized I am living in a dollhouse. Glad your husband understands the importance of getting away from the routine. Pray mine learns this someday.

  5. What a beautiful little cottage especially in the snow. I could really do with a break at the moment. A few days away from daily routines is such a tonic so we can return to everyday life with new energy and peace. Lily. xxx

  6. Gina, What a wonderful opportunity and beautiful place! What a blessing. Do you live in PA? I live in NE PA near Wilkes-Barre. So glad you had a great time! Blessings, Karen

  7. Very nice, that you both were gifted with a weekend get away, always a plus! And lovely pictures...

  8. It is always nice to get away and reconnect with your spouse and what a beautiful place to do so! :-) Great idea for pastor appreciation! Thanks for deciding to come back. ;-)

  9. What a great gift and a treasured time I'm sure!

  10. Oh what a blessing that was! So glad you got to get away and reconnect and be refreshed! Just awesome!

  11. Beautiful place! Great idea for our pastor. We always get them the same thing-this would definitely surprise them. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  12. How nice for you to be able to get away and be together for you anniversary. I love that little cottage and it looks like the perfect place to be. I hope you have many many more happy times together.


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