Friday, December 7, 2012

Favorite Adult Christmas Books

I don't want to let anyone out! Though all the children's books can be loved by adults too, here are a few of my favorites just for the older ones in the home.

Skipping Christmas - John Grisham
Luther and Nora's daughter has moved to Peru and they decide to skip Christmas and spend their money on a cruise. If only it were that easy. Fun read.

The Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens
We've all heard the story of Scrooge's transformation many times but still I can't let a Christmas go by without spending at least an hour reading my favorite passages.

A short story told in poem form of the impact Christ had on the Bethlehem innkeeper.

A Symphony in Sand - Calvin Miller
An allegorical retelling of the Christmas story in beautiful poetic verse. This book made me look at the Nativity story with new eyes.

Peace Child - Don Robinson
No, this isn't a classic Christmas tale, but it is the true story of how the message of Christmas and God's forgiveness came to a head hunting tribe. The chapter on their Christmas celebration is void of any of the lights and snowfall of a Norman Rockwell Christmas - but full of the real meaning of Christmas- the coming of the Prince of Peace.

What favorite books do you plan to reread this Christmas?

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  1. I really like The Christmas Sweater by Glen Beck

  2. thanks for the book recommendations

  3. Two of my absolute favourites there - Dickens and Grisham.
    I'm also really enjoying the Christmas Cookie Club by Ann Pearlman at the moment.

  4. Does anyone happen to know the name of a book about one or two kids who go to a mall santa and ask for all kinds of things, but in order to get everything they have to volunteer at a hospital. They meet a girl who has cancer and learn that friendship is more important than things.

  5. I loved your Christmas book recommendations for children and our family has thoroughly enjoyed them. I do have to admit I was a bit disappointed by "Skipping Christmas" because of the occasional curse word and the couple of occasions when Luther was drinking. Thank you for your other suggestions, however.

  6. The Christmas Jars is a book that I think you will LOVE! It's based on a true story...and the rest you'll have to read for yourself!

  7. I had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Calvin Miller and his wife. Such wonderful people. I have read other books by him and loved them. I will plan to read this one. Thank you!


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