Saturday, November 10, 2012

Off the Shelf - October

What we were reading last month...

Children's Picture Books

Lost in the Woods - Carl R. Samsll
Nice photographs sharing the story of a newborn deer. Lots of extra animals hidden in the photos for children to hunt for.

Bustle in the Bushes - Giles Andreae
A book for the youngest insect lover.

One Smile- Cindy McKinley
The value in smiling to a stranger and the journey of that one smile.

Follow the Line Through the House - Laura Ljungkvist
A fun book of search-and-find.

Chapter Books
By reading this list, you may correctly assume we are studying about pioneer America. There are so many wonderful stories about this time period that we can't wait for history each day. All these books were favorites of young and old. (Oops...I can't believe I just described myself as "old."

Sarah Whitcher's Story - Elizabeth Yates
The true story of a young girl who was lost in the Connecticut wilderness.

The Courage of Sarah Noble - Alice Dalgliesh
Sarah travels with her father into the wilderness and find that Indians can be her friends.

The White Feather - Ruth Eitzen
A short book sharing the story of a Quaker family in Ohio, their determination to live in peace with all men and how God protected them. This is a refreshing alternative to the many books from this time period that share the idea of shoot-the-Indians-before-they-shoot-us.

Skippack School - Marguerite de Angleli
Lots of things to love about this book. The wonderful illustrations. The description of old fashioned printing presses (since my husband is a printer). The endearing story of a young boy and his school troubles. And the introduction to a real character, a Mennonite school teacher in colonial Pennsylvania.

Adult Books

Same Kind of Different as Me - Ron Hall and Denver Moore
A book written by two totally different men, a wealthy art dealer and a homeless sharecropper's son and how one women brought their lives together. I picked this up at my sister-in-law's house and had it read by the next day.

Peace Child - Don Richardson
If I had to pick my top ten books, this one would make the list. A stone-age cannibal tribe in New Guinea are transformed by the power of the Gospel. Our book club enjoyed great discussion from this book.

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  1. I just recently found a old copy of a book I once read while in the 5th grade..

    The Phantom Toolbooth

    and now I am happy to be reading it with my now 5th grade son.. I feel like a kid again...

    1. I have never read The Phantom Tollbooth but it is on my shelf. I need to get it down and read it.
      Thanks for the recomendation.

  2. Have you seen the "I Spy" books? They are beautiful picture books featuring photos of many small objects on pretty backgrounds. The text directs the reader to find various objects in each picture. It's a challenge for adults as well as for children. Maybe you've written about these already and I haven't seen the post.
    - - from Philippa

    1. Philippa-
      My children love the I Spy books, but I don't think I've ever mentioned them before! Thanks for suggesting them!

  3. Gina! I just came over here to ask if you have any preschool Thanksgiving books to recommend. I'm supposed to read 1 or 2 to my son's preschool class next week. I can do some googling, but I thought I'd ask some moms first.

    1. Margo -
      We really like Kate Waters books on Plymoth that show photos of children reenacting the time period. Specific titles are One the Mayflower, Sarah Morton's Day, and Samuel Eaton's Day. I don't think any of them specifically talk about Thanksgiving though. I actually can't think of any book right off that are specifically about the first Thanksgiving. Check out your library. They probably have a shelf full!

    2. Thanks. We went to the library this evening and the shelf was awfully picked over, but I think I got a few options. I would love to see the Kate Waters books.


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