Saturday, April 14, 2012

A New Brother

Today my sister married and I gained a new brother.
My parents with my sister, Danae and and her groom, Kilian

Danae and Kilian with all Danae's siblings 
It was a little startling to realize that my sister, who was born when I was fifteen, is old enough to be married! As a teen, I had given up on ever having a sister, since I only had brothers. But, as you see in the photo, God not only gave me Danae, but also two more sisters.

The bride and groom with Danae's nieces and nephews
Getting photos of eleven children was a challenge but they cooperated well. And yes, the girls are outnumbered 3 to 8!

The bridal party

My youngest daughter with her favorite cousin

Best wishes Danae and Killian for many happy years serving the Lord together!


  1. What a beautiful family and on such a happy occasion. Wishing the bride and groom many blessings in the years to come.

  2. Congratulations to the happy couple! I didn't realize you came from such a large family. How wonderful!

  3. Wow! I have lost track of your younger siblings...I can only name the first 4 or so...and I can hardly believe Danae is old enough to get married either! :-) Are we getting older by any chance?!?!?

    ~eunice b

  4. beautiful pictures! I am so impressed with the modest and pretty gowns on all the females.

    Many years of happiness to the new couple.

  5. What a wonderful day you had! Congratulations to all! The photos and family are beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing the blessing!

  6. oh I loove the photo of your sister and Brother-in-Love with all the littlies, Gina!! So cute :0)

    Congrats to the happy couple..may the Lord bless them!

  7. What a beautiful family! A large family is such a blessing (I speak from experience, being the youngest of 10 children). You look so much like your lovely mama!
    Congratulations to the bridal couple and thank you for giving us a glimpse of the happy occasion.

  8. So sweet! Thanks for sharing these personal photos so we can celebrate this wonderful event with you. :-)

  9. Thank you for sharing! I love to see family pictures of makes me feel more a part of their lives. It looks like it was a fun time, and what a beautiful bride! (the groom was handsome too, but it was her day, right? :-) ). Congratulations to the family on a new addition!


  10. What lovely pictures - especially of all the little ones. You are so blessed to have a large extended family. It is something I would have loved. Hope your sister and new brother have many happy years together. lily. xxx

  11. Congratulations to your family. It's such a blessing to see such a modest wedding!

  12. Thanks for sharing the pictures. They make a beautiful couple.

    It is hard to believe she is old enough to get married.


  13. So beautiful! I love the colors and getting to see you with your family.

  14. Congratulations to you all!!! Many happy years to the newlyweds.

  15. What is that color of blue called? I want a dress that color!!!
    And, yes, we are getting older. The little people that were in my wedding are all old enough to be married.
    Time waits for no one, neither does old age!

  16. Aw! So sweet!
    And I admit I liked the grey long dresses - so simple yet pretty. Thanks for sharing the happy occasion.

  17. What a beautiful wedding!
    Thanks for sharing the pictures to give us a peak at the special family event!



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