Monday, March 7, 2011

Making Dirt

I usually keep this blog rather impersonal. You typically won't guess what has been going on at our house from reading here, though you may know what we've been eating.:-) I figure there isn't many that really care what we did this weekend.

But I'm going to make an exception with our latest project since I would like a record of the process.

After four or five years of planning and saving, we are building an addition to our house. Above is the back of our house - the "before" picture.

Even though we've talked about it for years, it was almost a shock two weeks ago when Ed ripped the back deck off our house. I couldn't believe that it was actually happening.

But the real changes started happening this week.

On Thursday, they started to dig.

It soon became apparent that the small equipment that they had was not going to be heavy enough for our rock. Around here, you can hardly plant a flower without hitting rock!

Thankfully Ed has a friend with a huge excavator. This machine was absolutely amazing!

The children had a great view and camped out here for the entire day. It was a great deal safer (and warmer) for them inside. My boys have the typical fondness for anything with wheels and now they talk of nothing but construction equipment!

On Friday they poured the footers.

Nothing looks messier than a construction site, but these huge piles of dirt are an obvious delight to our boys. I'm threatening to designate a pair of pants each as their outside pants and not wash them until this job is over!

Saturday, the men began laying the block for the foundation. I'm learning a ton about the construction process. I have two brothers that have a construction business that are doing the main part of the work. Ed is helping out as much as he can to save labor costs. The children love having dad home. Okay, I love having daddy at home! I probably have as much fun as the children watching the men work!

So, that is the excitement around here - far more thrilling than baking bread!


  1. Yes, those brothers of yours and their construction...they are pretty good! Of course, you already know that! :-) And I'm looking forward to seeing the progress!

    ~eunice b

  2. that sounds wonderful. i am very happy for you!!

  3. Fun stuff!

    My parents are planning an addition to our home (an inlaw quarters) sometime this year. It will be kind of crazy around here, but it will be a neat project. My kids will be in heaven during the construction, especially my 5 year old son!

  4. Awesome! Isn't it great to watch that kind of stuff unwind? Tell the boys that if they don't get into the construction biz - AND they still want to work with heavy equiupment EVERYDAY - tell them they can work at a landfill & be a "garbage man" ! I handle all the heavy equipment services & repairs for TWELVE landfills. I handle all the tracking of money... on them all...It is a challenge. But all the men are just like little boys when something *NEW* rolls off the low-boy!


  5. How exciting! What will the new part be?

  6. You may not think it something worthy to share often but I love the personal "this is what's going on in our life" kind of posts!! Don't get me wrong I love the food posts as well but the more personal posts are great because I feel more like I am reading a letter from a friend than just seeing what's cooking so to speak!! So friend share all you want, I love seeing projects in the making it will be exciting to see your new addition take shape!!and I'll be back to catch up with you later!!

    Blessings on a wonderful day!!

  7. Melanie -
    The plan for the addition is a family room that opens up to our dining room so we can spread our table out long.

    Dana -
    Thanks! Like you, I enjoy getting a glimpse into the personal life of blogs I enjoy.


  8. This sounds great! I always love to hear how others are making their homes more beautiful and workable for them! Keep on sharing :)

  9. Congrats on the new'll love the extra space!
    Love seeing the children looking out the door.....all kids love to see that kind of action :)

    Take care!

  10. I thought this post was going to be about composting or something relating to the garden.

    How could you not be excited about an home addition? I'm sure you'll make good use of the space.

  11. Wow that is quite the addition...........size wise!
    This would make me quite excited as well.

  12. Yay! I love our new house's ability to host a crowd at the table =)

    And I stopped by also to encourage you to read this...


  13. Very enjoyable to see/read about. Hope you will keep us posted. In January, we took down a wall between dining room and a bedroom in order to create space to allow our dining room table to open up very long. (Empty nest so we can lose a bedroom.) We are already enjoying this option and know you will, too!

  14. We did this exact addition after our 6th was born. We put on a 16 x 16 foot family room with a fireplace and I am very happy with it and consider it money well spent.
    Now we have plenty of room and have even hosted a sit down dinner for 21 people.

    mama to 8

  15. Fun, fun, fun- I love this kind of stuff and am so glad you are sharing it with us!

    Also- forgot to mention that I love your new header- it's very nice!

    An Oregon Cottage

  16. This is very exciting!! Thanks for letting us enjoy the ride too:)

  17. It is your blog and you can decide what to blog about. I like the personal glimpse's also. I have one question about the new room....How long before it will have a bookcase or books of its own? (said with tonque in cheek.)


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