Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentines Baking

After all your wonderful ideas for Valentines Day, I was rather overwhelmed by the choices!  Here is a few things we did, not just on Valentines Day but for several days before and after. Since we had guests Sunday, we had help in the eating.

Chocolate Cutout Cookies. Now I remember why we didn't get this done at Christmas. Four helpers make this job rather chaotic! But they did enjoy it.

Chocolate Almond Biscotti. I've been wanting to make biscotti and finding a recipe in Kay's Country Cookin' finally propelled me to try it. I didn't manage to get the final coating of chocolate on but we LOVED these and I'll be making biscotti again!

I made sourdough chocolate cake and attempted a layer cake, which collapsed, as usual. I really need to stick to bread baking. I turned to my usual trifle cure. Cutting up cake, layering chocolate pudding, cream and cherry pie filling makes a nice looking dessert even for cake challenged people like me.

The sweet dough recipe turned into cherry buns for breakfast. These were as yummy as they looked!

Thanks again for sharing all your ideas and Valentines traditions!


  1. Biscotti is on my list of things to make too! Those cherry buns look so scrumptious (hey, I spelled that right the first time!) Happy baking!

  2. Your treats look so delicious Gina, I MUST try those cherry ones, YUMMY!!!! Hope you have a great day:)

  3. I've never tried biscotti and I keep thinking I really must. The chocolate ones you made look good, but I don't have any almonds.

    And I find amusing that you can make bread but struggle with cakes. I mean isn't bread supposed to be the hard stuff to make? :) Thanks for sharing your "failures" too. And frankly, I think truffle sounds pretty good, so who cares if the cake flops?!

  4. We had chocolate trifle for Christmas dinner too--and yes, it's nice to have something so easy that looks so pretty!


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