Saturday, December 11, 2010

Book Review - His Word in My Heart

I knew I wanted to share this book with you, when I had only read the first chapter. Since then, I've read His Word in My Heart at least two times but I've hesitated to write about this book, because I feel like I should be living it out first.

But this book is so good, that I can't wait until I get my act together before sharing it with you.
His Word in My Heart: Memorizing Scripture for a Closer Walk with God
In His Word in My Heart, Janet Pope shares her desire to know God better. As a busy mom with young children, she was frustrated at her lack of time to study God's Word. Desiring God's power in her every day life, she clung to the God's promise to "give unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him." 11 Peter 1:3 But how to get to know God when you can't squeeze in time for Bible reading and prayer?

Don't worry, Janet's answer wasn't hiring a nanny or getting up at 4:00. But it was memorizing Scripture. By choosing a verse each day and spending a few seconds throughout the day reciting the verse, she saw her mind transformed by the power of Scripture.

I guess what I liked most about this book was that it was firmly within the realm of possibility. It was something I can actually do. It  takes motivation but not super human strength or brains - neither of which I have. Reciting a verse was something that could be done in the midst of a busy day, while brushing teeth, changing a diaper, or washing dishes.

Janet gives ample encouragement, practical tips, step by step helps, and personal testimony of the benefit of knowing God's word. This book made me very grateful for all the Scripture that my parents and teachers taught to me as a child and has propelled me to be more diligent in teaching Scripture to my children. I still haven't been doing much personal Scripture memory but I have been reviewing some of the verses I had memorized in the past and hoping to get some new Scripture started soon.

I would rarely use the description "life-changing" when speaking of a book, as I believe only the Bible truly has the power to change lives. But if by reading His Word in my Heart, you are inspired to commit God's Word to memory, you truly may find this book life changing.

I highly recommend this book. I can't think of any better book to read as you begin a new year. In fact, the copy I'm reading is my mom's but I plan to get my own copy just to share with friends. So if you know me in real life, please ask to borrow this book!

And for those who have asked about my health - I think I'm totally 100% better. I couldn't believe that a cough could hang on for so long but I'm delighting in good health once again. The morning that I woke up able to breathe deeply without hacking out a bunch of gunk, I was so excited, I stayed in bed an extra ten minutes just delighting in the simple joy of breathing! Now that I quit coughing, my rib cage is able to heal as well. Thanks for your prayers.


  1. So glad you are feeling stronger. I know how hard it is to take care of the family when you are down. Thanks for the book recommendation. I'll check it out. ~Liz

  2. God bless your sweet soul, Gina.
    You are such an encouragement to
    Debbie J. in East TN

  3. Sounds like a wonderful book Gina...if it includes a list of suggested scripture to memorize would you consider sharing those on a daily or weekly basis or all of us?

    So glad you are feeling much better, those coughs can be so exhausting and debilitating.

    Hope to see you next week!

  4. I will check out this book too. I have been meeting with a friend every Friday for about 18 months and we hold each other accountable to memorize Scripture. We choose a verse a week. Although we now have so many verses that we take every 5 weeks and recite all the ones we know. We started with the Navigators Topical Memory System ( It is helps me to have someone to be accountable to.
    Thanks for the book recommendation!

  5. What a temptation to think that the only choice is a 60 minute, in-depth daily study of God's Word. Thank you, Gina for the reminder that the Bible (one verse at a time)has the power to change each of us as we continue on in this journey of becoming the women God wants us to be.


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