Friday, September 3, 2010

Homemade Goat Milk Soap

Like the do-it-yourself-er that I pretend to be - I've attempted making soap. Real homemade lye soap. The whole process of taking a greasy oil, adding caustic lye, and turning it into something that actually cleans, amazes me!

Sadly, my attempts have been less than successful. After three batches of soap, only one turned out, and we had botched that batch up so much that we weren't sure we could never repeat the experience!

Recently, a friend of mine has been making homemade soap with goat's milk. This summer we spent an evening watching Jesalynn make soap. She made the process look so simple and easy!

Nothing beats learning from an expert! I definitely want to try again. I've been waiting until life slows down, maybe next winter? In the mean time, I'm using a bar of Jesalynn's patchouli soap.

Ed says that the patchouli soap reminds him of a woodsy earthy scent. Jesalynn makes lots of different fragrances  and some bars even contain dried flowers and herbs. I love fell of her homemade soap. I have dry skin and react to some soaps. Some of Jesalynn's customers have seen improvement of skin conditions with her goat milk soap.

If you live in the local area, Jesalynn is planning to do some soap making demonstrations this fall. She may even hold some soap making classes this winter. She sells her soap at several local stores. Drop me an email if you want more information.

You can also find Jesalynn's soaps at Homemaid Expressions at Etsy.

Do any of you make your own soap?


  1. I love soap making and Sandra of has a wonderful, SIMPLE tutorial on her site, check it out, it's the easiest way I have found:)

  2. Carmen -
    Thanks for the link!

    Going to check it out...


  3. Oh I've been wanting to make soap for ages, but have just been too chicken to try. I will have to find a local expert to walk me through it.

  4. I have made soap a few time and each batch never turns out like the last one did. They have all been usable but the texture is always different.

  5. Don't make my own soap, but I always buy it locally from people who do. I just blogged about some goat's milk soap that I found - haven't actually used it yet, but it's milk and honey scented and smells wonderful!

  6. 'hem I haven't made my own soap yet but I just filled my mom-in-law's freezer (packed it!) with suet from 2 longhorns......... so that's my winter project!

  7. I love handmade soaps, it's all natural. Some modern soap just have this thing called sodium laureth sulfate, a known skin irritant and is quite harsh for sensitive skin. My husband use this goat milk soap instead of his facial wash, his black spots are gone!


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