Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Artisan Breads Every Day - Many Seed Bread

More results from baking through Peter Reinhart's newest book.

Many-Seed Bread

We love bread with "nutty things". They add nutrition but best of all they are delicious! This recipe reminds me of the Hearty Grain Bread in Recipes from the Old Mill. Both yield a bread with lots of flavor and wholesome goodness.

This bread can be made into a free formed "french style" loaf or in a loaf pan. I like free formed loaves to slice and eat with a bowl of soup. To make a hearty sandwich or great peanut butter and jelly toast, the loaf pan works best.

My changes (because I can't even let a great recipe alone without making some substitutes!) I replaced 2 cups of whole wheat flour for the white and added 2 T vital gluten. I increased the water by one half cup making the total water, 2 cups. The flour to water ratio seemed about perfect. I'm slowly learning how much additional water to add when I replace white flour with whole wheat. Sometimes bread can seem to dry if whole wheat flour is added without increasing the water.


  1. Is that a typo? You increased the water by 2 cups?!

  2. Thanks for catching the typo! I meant 2 cups total water! Not 2 cups additional water!

  3. Gina just wondering if you could do a post about the traditions you do at Christmas with your family. Meaningful traditions to celebrate the reason for the season.

  4. Anonymous
    Check out the post on Making Christmas Meaningful. There I list some of the things we have done, are doing, or want to do in the future!

  5. Gina I love your bread recipes. Do you have one for bagels?


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