Friday, July 3, 2009

Tell Tale Weeds

Did you know that weeds can tell you about your soil conditions? Maybe they are not as accurate as a soil test, but weeds will thrive in the conditions they like the best. Taking note of the weeds that do well at your place can give you hints to what soil lies beneath them. You can then either amend the soil, or plant crops that appreciate those conditions. I think I found this information in Organic Gardening.

Soggy soil - dock, foxtails, goldenrod, oxeye daisy

Compacted soil - chicory, bindweed, quackgrass, mustard

Acidic soil - dandelion, mullein, sorrel, stinging nettle

Alkaline (or sweet soil) - campion, peppergrass, nodding thistle, stinkweed

Worn out soil (poor fertility) - wormwood, mullein, daisies, mugwort, wild carrot

Rich soil - chickweed, henbit, lamb's quarter

High nitrogen - redroot pigweed

High potassium - knapweed, red clover

High phosphorus - purslane, mustard

If you are not sure what weeds you have, check out this weed identification guide here.

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