Tuesday, July 28, 2009

First Egg

For those of you who have been following our chicken adventures...today we gathered our first egg! The children have been checking for eggs every day for several weeks! This morning I sent the children out to check again (just to get them out of the house!) They didn't really want to go and asked if I thought there was really going to be an egg! The pullets are 21 weeks old, so I told them we really would have eggs any day! A few minutes later they were dashing back to the house with an egg!

Actually, I guess this is our second egg. We found a smashed pullet egg shell last week in the pasture in the movable pen. This morning the egg was in the nesting box. It is amazing to me that a young pullet who has never laid an egg could figure out where we wanted the egg laid!

Next question...who will get to eat the first egg!


  1. I guess you could all have a bite?!

    I have really enjoyed your blog. Thank you for the recipes! I've subscribed to keep up with your garden and cooking.

  2. I know how excited I was when I found our first egg. I can only imagine how excited your children were. I love fresh eggs and so do my kids. They hardly ate eggs before but now they actually ask for them.

  3. Oh, it's always so exciting finding your first egg. I remember when we found ours. The children came running and screaming to us. It was like they had found some kind of treasure. heehee.
    Many blessings to you and yours, Fine Linen


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