Monday, March 16, 2009

Baby Chick Update

Our chicks are growing quickly! I think they've doubled in size the past week! We lost two but the other 24 seem healthy! When I walk into the room, they stretch their necks to peer over the sides of their box and see who is coming! They are sprouting out little wing feathers and run around their box flapping their tiny wings!

I can't believe the amount of food they are eating! But then, a good deal is getting wasted on the floor as well! I love to sit and watch them scratch enthusiastically in the wood shavings. They outgrew their first box so Ed cut out one side of the box and attached another box to give them more room!

I'm so glad we had the chicks delivered in March. I am sure having fun "mothering" these little babies! I love walking down right before bed and seeing them all snuggled up together sleeping! Almost like watching your sleeping child! We had talked about waiting until May to get the chicks but I think a new baby will give me enough of mothering at that point that I'll be glad the chicks are half grown by then!

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