Monday, March 9, 2009

Mail Order Chicks

Our chicks arrived today!

Last Monday, we had some very low temperatures and I started to worry that we were completely bonkers to order chicks this early! But, a week later, we are having balmy spring like weather! But that has not kept me from worrying about our chicks! After years of wanting our own chicks and months spent researching different chicken breeds, I sure did not want anything to happen to them before they even arrived! Last night I even dreamed that I went to the post office for a box of dead chicks!

But, as usual, worry is vain! We received the anticipated call from the post office a little after 8:00 and by 9:00, we had brought our little babies home! I'm not sure who was more excited, me or the children! We could hear the chirping even before the post lady brought our box to the window! Now, that is a good sign! On the way home, my daughter said that they were chirping too loud! Their chirping was quite shrill but with food and water, it changed to a quiet contented tone.

Looking at the box they arrived in, I did wonder how they arrived the whole way from Iowa! Of course, it had to have air holes and appeared rather drafty for a newborn! We had ordered from Murray McMurray Hatchery who has done this for years, so I assume they know what they are doing! Only one chick didn't survive the trip, but since the hatchery had given us two extra chicks, we still have more then we ordered!

Our chicks first home is in a box in the basement with a heat lamp. I want to keep my eye on them these first weeks before they move to the chicken house. As I placed each chick in the box, I dipped it's beak in their water. Soon they were all drinking water and eating feed like any youngster that has been on a long trip!

I wrote about choosing chicken breeds earlier. Of course, I don't know what our final opinion of these breeds will be, but I do know now they have to be the cutest chicks ever! By looking at photos, I think I've positively identified them.
Partridge Rock
Black Australorp
Speckled Sussex

McMurray's sends a free "mystery" chick of some rare or exotic variety. There is one chick that is speckled around it's head which I assume is our mystery chick. It will be fun to see what it grows into and try to identify the breed!
I haven't accomplished much today! The children love watching and holding the chicks, but the almost two year old is far to rough to be left with them unattended! If we can survive the next few weeks with no casualties, it may be a miracle!


  1. Your chicks are so cute, but the kids are even cuter watching the new chicks!

  2. Gina.......the chicks are adorable. Reminds me of the peeps (as we called them) that we would get each year when I was at home......but they were yellow. Have fun with your new babies :-)
    Love, Carolyn


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