Saturday, October 25, 2008

Make It Yourself - Croutons

I have never made my own croutons but I figured it can't be that hard! I asked around and several ladies shared their recipes with us!

Nola's Croutons

1 loaf white bread cubes
1 tsp pepper
1 tsp garlic salt
1 tsp seasoned salt
1/2 tsp celery salt
1 1/4 cup butter
Melt butter. Mix seasonings in butter. Pour over bread crumbs and toss. Dry at 275 degrees for 1 1/2 hours stirring occasionally.

Linette's Croutons

Cube bread. (I usually cut off the crust edges and then put them in my mini chopper to make bread crumbs.) Melt butter. Add these ingredients to butter in desired proportions and pour over bread cubes and stir until well coated.
Garlic Powder
Italian seasoning
Onion Salt
Black Pepper and/or Nature's Seasoning
Put in over at 250 for 15-20 minutes or longer if you want them crunchier.
This recipe is really open for "scope to the imagination". You can add any spice in the Italian line and it would be okay. My proportions vary, but I usually do about 8 cups of bread cubes, 1/2 cup butter and about 1/2 tsp of each spice-give or take a little.

Regina's Croutons

Cube bread. (white bread or old French bread makes great croutons) Toss them with butter and then any seasoning you want. Garlic, dill, pepper, Italian seasoning - you get the idea. Then spread them out on a jelly roll or pizza pan and toast them in the oven around 250 deg. just till they are nicely browned and crisp. I usually stir them at least once. When they are cool, they store in a container for a long time. I usually don't have much to store though because I can't keep my children's fingers out of them as they are cooling - or hubbies for that matter! You just can't beat the flavor of homemade croutons.

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