Thursday, October 23, 2008


The goal of my newsletter and this blog is to be an inspiration to other ladies. But I don't want these ideas and recipes to burden you with more "things to do". I happen to enjoy gardening, cooking from scratch, and creative ways to save money. This is part of my way of serving my family but you and your husband may have other (even better) goals or priorities to spend your time. There is nothing particularly spiritual or godly about growing your own food, for example! We, women (or maybe I should speak only for myself) can really put ourselves in bondage by comparing ourselves with others and trying to imitate all the good things someone else is doing! I love to hear other ladies ideas, plans, and projects but I find that I have a constant need to be careful that I don't just heap guilt on myself for what I am not doing!

I believe that the Scripture speaks clearly on some of the roles of a wife. Loving and obeying our husbands, caring for our children, making our home a place of joy and blessing are some of our non-optional duties. But the method that each of us applies to meet those goals will look different in every home and family!

I hope we can encourage each other, share what works for us, and appreciate each other's strengths without falling prey to the dangers of comparison.
No one, no matter how perfect they appear, is doing it all! Comparison is a dangerous trap for us women and I don't want to feed that tendency! Seek the Lord and your husband for how YOU should use the time and resources you have and don't worry about what others are doing!

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  1. I know what you mean! I too have to be on guard while I enjoy other womens writings. No two family is alike:)


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