Monday, September 25, 2023

He Shall Supply - Part 1

 I was going through some files and found this account that I recorded back in 2015. I had completely forgotten about it, and don't remember the details, such as what was the emergency medical bill. But I do remember that God had given me some experiences that bolstered my faith. I didn't know how much I'd need a strong faith for 2017.

“It might work out after all.” Ed pushed his chair back from the desk.

I looked up from my book. “You mean you paid all the bills?” I knew the balance of our checkbook. A new heating system and an emergency medical bill had depleted our savings. With the recent birth of our baby and taxes due, finances were tight.

“All of them, even the taxes,” said Ed. “I drained the checking account, but by the time the hospital bill comes, I'll have another paycheck. We might just make it—if nothing unexpected happens.”

I grimaced. I could guess what he was thinking. Two aging vehicles sat in our driveway. In the past, they had broken down at the worst possible times. What were the chances that one, or both, would choose this time to add some more bills?

Ed and our older children spent the next Saturday cutting wood. Late in the morning, Ed pulled into the yard with a pile of wood on a borrowed trailer. I expected them to stop for lunch, but our daughter ran into the kitchen with the empty water bottles.

“Dad wants to know if you can give us some lunch to take along. We're going to get another load.”

I threw sandwiches and cookies into a bag, and she dashed out. Soon the truck was pulling out the drive.

Later that afternoon, a tired husband and children came in from the woodpile after bringing home a second load. “Did the children tell you about our close call?” Ed asked.

“No. Did someone nearly get hurt?” I envisioned tragic accidents with chain saws and falling trees.

“Not that. It was the truck. The alternator went out.”

“The what?”

“The alternator—the part that charges the battery. I knew the battery wasn't charging so when I dropped off the load before lunch, I let the truck run. If I turned it off, I didn't think I'd be able to start it again. By the time I got back to the woods, even the turn signal wasn't working. When I turned off the truck, the battery was completely dead.”

“Then how did you get home?” I looked out the window to see whose vehicle he had borrowed.

“Well, your brother Eric happened to be in the woods too. You know how good he is with motors. And today we were cutting wood from the back of the wood lot—right beside the junk yard. We walked down to the junk yard, bought an alternator that fit the truck, and Eric had the tools to install it.”

“You mean it is already repaired?”

“Yes. And it only cost $20.00.”

Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field, which to day is, and to morrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you, O ye of little faith? (Matthew 6:30)


  1. This story is beautiful, Gina. Thanks for sharing.
    We truly serve an amazing God.

  2. I needed this, what an encouragement! Our homeschool curriculum (Abeka) has gone up in price again and I am stressing about next year’s costs.. but He will provide and I will continue to sell a few things here and there to help out.

  3. What a blessing experiences like that are! And when you share them others are blessed as well. It wasn't anything just like that, but I saw God working in my experiences last week.

    I needed a traveling companion to travel 800 miles to a funeral I didn't want to miss. I had checked with various people that it didn't suit, but then one said she could go. She had been able to rearrange one conflict in her schedule. I had made a service appointment for my car when I knew the funeral was "pending," and Wednesday was the first day available. But then I needed to travel Tuesday. When I called the garage Monday morning, they had had a cancellation and could do the oil change and trip check that day. Driving time for the trip was more than I thought it might be based on electronic estimates. But we arrived before the evening viewing was over. I was able to connect well with the family involved - that evening and the next day after the funeral. We had a good trip, arriving home safely and on schedule.

    While I was gone, the well drillers we had called several months ago were able to drill the new well my house needed. They found sufficient water at a much better level than another well we knew of in the same general neighborhood - in spite of dry weather. And it was just in time before a CD matured - I could know if I needed to withdraw funds from it. (My brother was the businessman for me with the well drillers; I didn't need to be there.)

    I am thankful God cares about both big and little things in our lives, and has the details under His control. --CRS

  4. Thank you so much! Love stories like this. I needed to hear it.

  5. I so needed this message today. Thank you for the blessed reminder.

  6. Real stories told from a loved one is just extra special!

  7. So timely for my heart! Thanks ,Gina! . . . And it looks like there may be more stories coming ? :)


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