Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Sisters' March Reading Challenge


Charity and I enjoyed the March Reading Challenge so much. The amount of challenges was much less than the Brighter Winter Challenge and felt more doable. Here is a review of what we did for the challenges.

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1. Read a book set in Ireland (in honor of St Patrick's Day).

Charity: Let Me Die in Ireland by David Bercot
Several years ago I read this book for the first time and it impacted my life deeply. Reading it again only challenged me more. St. Patrick’s life is surrounded by many myths and this book seeks to bring a story to tell the truth about this man of God. Not only is his life story fascinating and educational, it also bears testimony to what it looks like to be a part of the Kingdom of God.

Gina: A Slip of a Girl by Patricia Reilly Giff
 This is a free verse novel about the Irish Land Wars. I listened to it on audio and the reader's Irish accent added a lot of pleasure to the listening experience. Nory Ryan's Song is by the same author and also about the Irish Potato Famine, and I may have enjoyed it more since it is in prose not in verse. 

2. Read a book written by a female missionary.

Charity: Evidence Not Seen by Darlene Deibler Rose
As a young wife, Darlene traveled into the jungles of New Guinea with her husband. They were ready to serve God among the unreached. But World War 2 and the Japanese invasion of the island would change her plans. This is her story of God’s faithfulness even while facing unimaginable suffering. Gina and I place this among our top favorite books by a missionary. 

I had read this book as a teenager and thought it would good to reread the wisdom in these pages. Elliot writes Scripture-saturated books. This one starts with a study of the Lord's Prayer then proceeds into a discussion of finding God's leading and will.  

3. Read a book about food.

Charity: Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes
This memoir was the product of an impulsive thrift store buy. Though it’s focus is far from just food, she still had me drooling over her descriptions of Italian cuisine. Through the pages of this book she tells about the beauty of Italy, the trials of renovating an ancient house, the culture in small Italian towns, and, most of all, the amazing food that is placed on her table. My favorite part is her two chapters of recipes. Some day I hope her meals will grace my table in PA.

All of Reichl's memiors are a step into an unfamiliar world of food and culture. Save Me the Plums tells of her years as the editor of Gourmet magazine. I liked Reichl's Garlic and Sapphires more but this trip into the high-stress magazine world and high society of New York City was fascinating.

4. Write out a quote and tape it to your mirror.

Charity: “I have been safer here, overshadowed by Your love, than I would have been anywhere else on this earth outside of Your will” - Darlene Deibler Rose

Gina: "God gives us more than we can handle because what we can't handle drives us to dependence on Him." - Masonheimer

5. Mail a book to a child, invalid, or friend.

Charity: I was overjoyed to have an excuse to send a book to a friend who recently moved away. I sent a book by one of my favorite authors, Elisabeth Elliot. A few months ago, during a hard week I picked up her book Keep a Quiet Heart, and it was perfect for those days. Each chapter is an excerpt from her newsletter, so it is short and could be used as a devotional. 

Gina: My mother-in-law, who spends most of her days alone, told me that she looks forward to a good book so I ordered a copy of A Chance in the World by Steve Pemberton to be mailed to her house. I've never read this book but it had been recommended to me. Maybe I can read it next.

If you did one or more of the March Challenges, we'd love if you shared in the comments.

Check back on April 1st for the April Reading Challenges.


  1. I'm in the middle of reading Let Me Die in Ireland and so far its really interesting.

    1. Regina,
      I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

    2. Thank you Melinda for that quote. I am writing that one down.

  2. Just an interesting note-I read A Chance In the World in December while I was in the hospital being induced with my fourth:) it must have been pretty good if I could focus on it!
    I read Nory Ryan's Song this month.
    The quote I wanted to post but didn't was "remember this, had any other condition been better for you than the one in which you are, divine love would have put you there. " Spurgeon

    1. Melinda,
      That is a great recommendation. I don't think I did much reading when I was in labor!
      Great quote. I need to copy that one, too.

  3. Hi Gina, I live in Australia so I am still reading some of the books for March as they had to come from overseas. I am half way through "Evidence Not Seen' and like Charity, am simply in awe of Darlene, the other missionaries and prisoners, and their faith in God and trust in each other. I also read "The Five Silent Years of Corrie ten Boom" by Pamela Rosewell Moore and highly recommend it. Both Corrie and Pamela inspire and encourage me because they are human and have faults but keep turning their focus on Jesus. It was excellent. Jan Karon's "In the Company of Others" is still en route from the UK but I will read it in April! Thank you for the challenges, I am joining in as best I can. I will also buy a copy of "A Chance in the World" and post it to my friend in Alaska. It sounds good from the recommendation of Melinda. I did no reading ever whilst in labour. Blessings upon you all for Easter.

    1. I should maybe clarify that this was while I was being induced which was an extremely slow process- not active labor by any means! None the less, it was hard to find something to focus on:)

  4. Hi, w is the reading challenge you are using? Sunshine

    1. My sister and I came up with this reading challenge and are sharing it here on Home Joys.

  5. I read "Evidence not Seen" many years ago. "Let me Die in Ireland" sounds interesting. I want to see if my library has it. "Keep a Quiet Heart" definitely would be a good read, I'm sure. Chris W.


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