Thursday, May 7, 2020


In March, when the events on our calendar were being canceled. I asked the children to brainstorm things we could do just as a family.

One of the children suggested geo-caching.

Geo-caching is sort of a treasure hunt. People hide a small box containing a log sheet and then list the gps coordinates on an online site at

Six years ago, Ed introduced the children to geocaching. We had found dozens of caches (57 to be exact) over the next year or two. We scoured our local area for caches, and every time we traveled, we searched for geocaches. We found that geocaching made taking a walk or bike ride a lot more fun.

But somehow we had stopped geocaching. Ed got a new phone and never downloaded the geocaching app, and we moved on to other pursuits.

But a quarantine seemed the perfect time to get back into geocaching. Just minutes from our house, someone had put quite a few new geocaches in recent months. Three Sunday afternoons have found us walking down the streets of our small town and poking through cemeteries looking for geocaches. I discovered scenic spots that I've driven by for years.

Ed had planned to build some of his own caches after he had experience finding a few. It is suggested that you find 100 caches before building your own. We are now up to 70 caches so my goal is to get to 100 by the end of summer and then build our own caches in memory of Ed.

If you need an excuse to take a walk, try geocaching. The app downloads easily and besides a phone, all you need is walking shoes and a pencil to sign the logbook. Geocaches can be found all over the world so unless you are in a very rural area, you probably have some close to you.

Have you tried geocaching?


  1. It sounds like a very fun memory and a great hobby for a family to do. I have never done geocaching but have seen several videos about it.

  2. We've done it! It was amazing to find that there were geocaches hidden right along the rural roads we drove on all the time. We've kinda gotten off of it too, though. Now that we've moved and the weather is warmer, it would be a good time to do it again! And that's a neat idea to create your own in Ed's memory!
    - Mary Beth Martin

  3. We have never been geocaching but it looks like fun!

  4. No, but we started today and found our first treasure near our home. It was fun! Thank you for the suggestion!

  5. We love geocaching. We even did it in China! I love the idea of reaching 100 and then doing some in Ed's honor.

  6. This sounds like fun! I went to the website and discovered there are over 1500 geocaches in our area. What fun! I'm going to see if my family wants to try this. Thank you Gina!

  7. We have not; I have toyed with the idea, and I think I'm going to download an app. It sounds like something our family would enjoy right now. And I love that you are making one in memory of Ed. What precious thoughts will go into it.

  8. We tried it today! Thank you for the suggestion. :)


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