Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Picture Books on Pioneers

I've always loved stories about pioneers traveling west to find new homes. Here are some favorites that I've shared with my children.

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Sunsets of the West by Tony Johnston, Illustrated by Ted Lewin
From New Hampshire to California a sturdy pioneer family makes the difficult journey to a new home. Lewin’s watercolors make this book stand apart.

Warm as Wool by Scott Russell Sanders, illustrated by Helen Cogancherry
Betsy Ward longed for wool to make warm clothing for her family in the rough wilderness of the Ohio frontier. A charming story with warm illustrations about a determined woman who had the first sheep in her area of Ohio.

The Floating House by Scott Russell Sanders, illustrated by Helen Cogancherry
The McClure family is floating down the Ohio river in a flatboat with all their possessions. Their destination is a new settlement in Indiana where they will build their new home. Beautiful story and illustrations expressing the spirit of the courageous settlers.

Conestoga Wagons by Richard Ammon, illustrated by Bill Farnsworth
The Conestoga wagons made in Lancaster County served as the tractor-trailor trucks for 100 years. Bold paintings show accurate details of the wagons and the hearty men who drove them.

Lewis and Papa: Adventure on the Santa Fe Trail by Barbara Joosse, illustrated by Jon Van Zyle
The story of a historic trail combined with richly detailed paintings to share the bond between a young man and his father.

Covered Wagons, Bumpy Trails by Verla Kay, illustrated by S.D. Schindler
The difficult journey to California comes to life with Kay's lilting verse and Schindler's humorous artwork.

Old Crump: The True Story of a Trip West by Laurie Lawlor, illustrated by John Winch
Stuck in Death Valley with no food and no water, a faithful ox carries four children to safety. Based on a true story of some forty-niners who took the wrong shortcut on their way to California.

Along the Santa Fe Trail by Marion Russell, illustrated by James Watling
Detailed water-colors combine with a true account of a young girl's journey of the Santa Fe trail. The hardships and joys of the journey are clearly depicted.

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  1. Our local library doesn't have any of these, but I found all but two on! For those of us living overseas, that website is a fantastic resource for homeschooling with living books. Thank you for sharing your booklists. I always enjoy them.


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