Thursday, January 9, 2020

Goals and Routines: What Works for Stephanie

Today we hear from Stephanie as she considers organizing in a new year.

I have always dreamed of a school room. That dream is so close to reality. As I write, my husband is working on a huge closet from the ceiling to the floor. I am convinced this room will make my life easier. It will reduce clutter and save me time finding things.

I dreamed of the day when my children would be old enough to pitch in with the work. This stage has arrived. On Saturdays, each girl takes a room and cleaning is a sync. But for some reason, spare time is still rare.

When I convince myself that I will sit down with my Bible—later, at a better time, my devotional time becomes rushed, distracted, or even skipped.

Deep down in, I know the truth. I must change. Time is teaching me that I cannot wait for perfect circumstances to attain my goals. There will never be spare time. I must always work to prioritize my time. Sometimes it is a matter of finding a new schedule; sometimes I simply have to change my expectations. 

Do I need to be content that I will never get more than the basics done in life? The song writer puts life into perspective. “My days are shorter than a span, a little point my life appears; how frail at best is dying man. How vain are all his hopes and fears. Vain his ambition, noise and show: vain are the cares which rack his mind. He heaps of treasures mixed with woe, and dies and leaves them all behind.” (Almighty Maker of my Frame)

But, of course, dreams are free. The next stage just might hand me more time to fulfill more dreams. Until then, I will keep plugging away doing what is important for today.
- Stephanie A. Leinbach - Indiana

What about you? How do you dream of changes while also being content when necessary?


  1. I'm learning to be content in where the Lord has placed me. It's an ongoing daily process though. This was a good post for me to read. Thank you Stephanie and Gina.

  2. I loved reading this; I hope I always have dreams. Maybe the dreaming is satisfaction enough. Maybe those times I do manage to work at my dreams can be considered gravy.

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