Friday, September 6, 2019

Homeschooler's Friend

I was thrilled to see the Homeschooler's Friend in my mailbox this week. Not because I was eager to read it, I had seen each of the pages countless times already, but because it was the fruit of many months of effort.

At the beginning of the year I was asked by Christian Light to join the editorial staff of Homeschooler's Friend. This magazine contains practical help and encouragement for homeschoolers. My role is to plan the content and communicate with writers willing to produce articles for the magazine.

I've enjoyed every aspect of this project. I appreciate Joe and Becky who were willing to hand off their vision for the magazine to other hands. Christian Light allowed me to introduce some of my own ideas to the pages. Busy homeschool parents have shared their wisdom through articles and interviews. Jennifer, my co-editor, puts the shine to the words and polishes every comma. (We both think that the other has the hardest job.) LaShonda makes the pages beautiful with her graphic design skills. 

Homeschooler's Friend hasn't been a huge time commitment for me but did give me a welcome creative diversion during Ed's decline this spring. I get to do something I enjoy, while feeling like I am encouraging other homeschoolers, and even getting paid for my time. I've learned more about the publishing process. Right now the fall issue is showing up in mailboxes while the winter issue goes through the editing process, and I'm actively working on the content for the spring issue. Since most of my life is on repeat mode (like laundry and meals), I appreciate a long-term project with deadlines to check off.

Homeschooler's Friend is sent free to Christian Light's homeschool customers. If you'd like to be added to their mailing list, email your request to homeschoolersfriend@ (no spaces.)


  1. I had no idea you were on the staff of that magazine! (Though I think I found your blog originally through an article that you wrote for them.) Great job - I love the magazine and so look forward to it. I have almost finished reading the current issue.

    Thank you to you and all the staff!!

  2. We didn't get ours yet. I'll be watching for it! :) I'm eager to see the new touches you've added to it!

    Mary Beth Martin

  3. How wonderful!!!! I'm so proud of you. You have great writing skills with your blogging and a way with words it makes me feel like I'm living with you. I'm so happy you have something just for you, and makes you feel important. Congratulations girl!!!

  4. Yay that's great! I don't have kids, never mind a homeschooling job, but if it's a magazine with you as the editor, I might just have to check it out! Where other people dream of writing novels, I've always thought wistfully of magazines and textbooks! :)

  5. A couple of families on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand enjoy that magazine! Thank you for the good work.

  6. Congratulations! How fun to see God put to use the talents and gifts He chose for you. I hope you find great fulfillment in this new endeavor.

  7. Looking forward to reading the next issue! I really have enjoyed this magazine. This is how I found your blog. Blessings!

  8. This is my first year homeschooling since we have moved to a mission outreach. I got the magazine but didn't have time to look at it. Blessings as you use your gifts in this area.

  9. Congratulations! How wonderful that you have been blessed with another opportunity to share your great writing skills. May God continue to bless your life greatly and thank you for continuing to share your life with us, your faithful readers and friends. :)

  10. Congratulations, Gina! I just wanted to to let you know that I've been homeschooling my daughter using the Christian Light curriculum because of reviews you did on your blog about the curriculum. I probably wouldn't have known about it if it hadn't been for you. Thank you!


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