Thursday, April 11, 2019

Giveaway Winner and Unexpected Kindness

Thanks to all who joined the giveaway for The Sugar Shack. It was fun hearing how your enjoy maple syrup. chose Ruth Anna as the winner of a copy of The Sugar Shack. 

To order you own copy of The Sugar Shack or My First Deer Hunt, email florencejfox at . Cost of one book is $8.99. Michigan readers pay 6% sales tax. Payment by check is preferred. All book orders will have free shipping until May 31, 2019.

Thanks, Flo, for making this giveaway possible.

Authors must be generous folks.

Last week I had a surprising email from Robert Kurson, the author of Rocket Men which I had briefly mentioned in a blog post. He offered to send a package to our children.

A few days later we found a fun package in the mail. The box contained a copy of the Rocket Men audio book, two tiny pieces of actual moon rock, and a "first day of issue" envelopes with the Apollo 8 stamp from May 5, 1969 in Houston, Texas for each of the children.

I love that this stamp has the words of Genesis 1 that the astronauts on Apollo 8 quoted on their Christmas Day report from the moon that was broadcasted throughout the world. One a fun slice of history for our children.

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  1. Gina what a nice surprise for your children. I am sure it was a highlight in the week for them.

  2. What a thoughtful, thoughtful thing for an author to do. What a wonderful blessing for your children!

  3. Oh, fun!!! What a thoughtful gift to share with your children!!


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