Monday, January 7, 2019

Choosing His Words - Part 6

For the first week or two of the new year I asked some friends to share on the topic of Bible reading. Often we women feel guilty and frustrated about our Bible reading habits and I hope this can bring inspiration.

Since I have been married, my husband signed up to receive Beside the Still Waters devotional.  I have not found them to be outstanding in inspiration, but I like the small scripture portions that do not confine me to my favorite books that I tended to stick to when I choose a chapter to read each a day. 

Personal devotions are more special when I am facing tough situations, and I have marveled at how a random Scripture can meet my exact need during these times.  When a special verse/promise blesses me, I like to write (or paraphrase the verse or idea) in my plan book so that I can review it throughout the day.  

The virtuous woman who rises early while it is yet night to look well to her household has been my meditation lately.  I confess that I do not rise very early, but the best time for devotions for me is first thing in the morning after I am dressed and combed for the day.  At times, my youngest joins me before I have finished (or started) my devotions.  She always asks for her Bible, and I give her an old Beside the Still Waters to keep her quiet.  

I try to make prayer a way of life.  Any mother knows that it is a necessity to call on God all day long.  When I read about a prayer request, I breathe a prayer immediately.  When I wake up in the morning, I pray before I crawl out of bed.  I pray until I fall asleep at night.  Some days my prayers are shorter than others, but I try to stay in tune with God all the time. - Stephanie A. L.


  1. My daily routine after I wake up each morning is to pack my daughter's lunch for school, make myself a cup of tea, then go back upstairs in my bedroom for my personal devotional time. I usually spend 30 - 45 minutes doing this. I enjoy reading devotionals from "My Daily Bread", followed by prayer time. I keep a prayer journal of people God has placed on my heart to pray for. I write their name and the date I entered their name. I keep praying for that person until I feel their prayer has been answered. Sometimes I read the scripture verse for that day in the bible. I'll be honest that I don't always read verses in the bible on a daily basis because I feel like I don't have the time. I would like to get better at spending more time in His Word this year!

  2. Oh I love the Beside the Still Waters devotionals. I've been using them ever since "Papa" Richard Mummau( who's with the Lord now) introduced them to me back in 2005.


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