Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Christmas Links

I don't plan to blog for the rest of December.

Unless I can't help myself. Several of you have told me that when I post, you are reminded to pray for our family. So if we are in need of prayer extra prayer, you might hear from me again before January.

And who doesn't need prayer? We do. Every day. This past week Ed hasn't been feeling as well. His ability to focus is declining again, though not as bad as in November. I have to push down the panic when I think of his next MRI and the bad news we could possibly hear.

But back to this post...I do plan to take a blogging break. But I'll be back. I'm excited about some of the topics I hope to write about in January, Lord willing.

But if you want some reading now, here are some links to Christmas posts in past years. (The children look so little in some of these posts that I get hit with a wave of nostalgia.)

Favorite music of Christmas

What Makes a Meaningful Christmas?

Book Lists

Favorite Christmas Books for Children

And Another List for Children

And Yet Another List for Children

Chapter Books for Children

And a list for Adults


Lemon Strawberry Swirls

Peanut Butter Critters

Graham Cracker Houses

Monster Cookies



  1. Praying for you today, Gina! I know what you're saying when you talk about the panic that wants to rise and waiting for test results. My prayer for your Christmas season is God's amazing grace to set your heart at peace in every moment. We know that peace is only possible through Jesus because He came to earth as a babe, then died and rose again for us. Praying this truth is real to you and your family this Christmas season.

  2. I pray that you, Ed and your children have a wonderful, peaceful Christmas celebration and hope to see you in January. With much love!!

  3. I hope your December is joyous. You will be missed over the next few weeks.

  4. Have a wonderful Christmas with your beautiful family, Gina. I pray that 2019 will bring you all much joy and good health for Ed as well.

  5. We're praying that you can savor and truly enjoy this beautiful Christmas season as a family! And that 2019 will bring much peace to all of your hearts...and renewed health for Ed, too. We love you! Enjoy your blogging break! :-) ~Eunice

  6. My thoughts are always with you and Ed and the kids, Gina. Merry Christmas and many blessings for peace and healing. Read you in the new year <3

  7. Hello Gina! I stumbled upon your blog today in search of a recipe. Being a mama of 12 and follower of Christ, I have found your blog to be a great blessing. I have also been struggling with a debilitating illness for the past 4 years and our family can relate to the many trials your family is facing. I'm sure you have been offered many opinions regarding physical coping/healing modalities for your husband's cancer and sometimes another opinion is just not what we need! However, I have been making consistent improvements through some dietary changes and re-learning how to breathe properly through my nose. My nutritionist is Karen Hurd (, and while her diet has taken away some of my old favorite foods, it has kept me physically and emotionally stable during this trial and I have been seeing steady, yet small, improvement. The breathing method, which has taught me the great power proper breathing has on virtually all healing processes, is called the Buteyko method, named after a Russian physician. It is being recommended for cancer patients to withstand and cope with the side effects of the treatments. It does not improve symptoms overnight, but results will be seen consistently if the methods of nasal breathing are applied. Most supplements have tended to contribute negatively to my symptoms so the methods I am using are pretty basic - daily doses of God's word, proper food, proper rest, proper breathing and taking advantage of the necessary testing, treatment and recommendations of my medical specialists. I will begin to pray for your family...that God will give you the grace, wisdom and strength needed to get through the days ahead. God bless you all this Christmas season! With love from Montana, Kristine

  8. Be assured we pray daily for you and your family. May your celebration of our precious Savior be especially enjoyable. We will await your next "visit" with us................all the while praying, praying, praying.


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