Friday, October 19, 2018

God of Our Strength, Enthroned Above

A month has flit by and this week was again our appointment week for both my daughter and husband. I dealt with the hours on the road to appointments better than last month. Maybe because I was more prepared. Perhaps because I expected to get nothing done at home this week. Maybe because of good, uplifting messages on cd to listen to for those hours in the van.

Or maybe because of your prayers.

Our daughter's arm x-rays looked great and she is now free of her brace. Thanking the Lord for healing.

Ed's MRI is less conclusive. It is often hard to tell in the months after radiation whether an increase in size seen on the MRI is tumor growth or scar tissue. Often doctors don't even give MRIs for several months after radiation. Certainly they wouldn't give an MRI every month. But Ed is getting lots of extra tests since he is part of a research study. Brain cancer has not been well-researched, possibly because it is rare compared to many other types of cancers or maybe because of the inability to easily see inside a skull. Even the technology advances of MRIs are limited in their effectiveness.

But more tests give me more opportunities for testing anxiety. Or maybe more chances to practice trusting God.

Great view from the 13th floor at neuro-oncology.

The doctors think that the swelling seen on Ed's MRI is the result of scar tissue from radiation. Since Ed doesn't have symptoms such as headaches or weakness on one side, we are choosing to give it more time to heal before beginning more treatment. Ed continues to experience fatigue and sometimes struggles to concentrate, but he is still able to go to work part time. At 17 months since his GBM diagnosis, we appreciate every day we can get out of bed in the morning.

We recently sang this hymn at church, and it has been echoing through my mind this past week. Without a God on the throne of heaven pouring out His strength, I couldn't handle weeks like this. 
God of Our Strength, Enthroned Above
By Fanny Crosby
Hymns of the Church #81
God of our strength, enthroned above,
The source of life, the fount of love;
O let devotion’s sacred flame
Our souls awake to praise Thy name.
God of our strength, we wait on Thee,
Our sure defense forever be.
To Thee we lift our joyful eyes,
To Thee on wings of faith we rise;
Come Thou, and let Thy courts on earth
Ring out Thy praise in days of mirth. 
God of our strength, from day to day
Direct our thoughts and guide our way;
O may our hearts united be
In sweet communion, Lord, with Thee. 
God of our strength, on Thee we call;
God of our hope, our light, our all,
Thy name we praise, Thy love adore,
Our Rock, our Shield, forevermore. 


  1. Beautiful hymn! Thanks for sharing. Sometimes it's hard for people to remember ... or believe ... that God is always there, ever present to comfort and guide us. Great news about your daughter's arm healing. We're continuing to pray for Ed's health and healing. God bless you all!

  2. One of my favorite songs. So encouraging! You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

  3. It is amazing he has made it 17 months, and it sounds good - for this type of cancer. ������

  4. I needed this today to be reminded that no matter what I am facing or going through, there is a God above that loves me and cares about my anxiety, worries, and frustrations. I don't know you personally, but I can always count on an encouraging and honest word from your posts. God bless you all and praying for all of you.

  5. Praising God for the healing of your daughter's arm and that Ed can still work and enjoy family time. Take care!

  6. Thank you for the update, Gina. We will continue to pray for Ed. Good news about your daughter.

  7. keeping you all close in prayer. God bless you all.
    Sue x

  8. I am praying for you and Ed, Gina. Sending love.

  9. Oh, I can see how that hymn would be a comfort in this time! I pray for your family. Thank you for the updates, even the hard ones.

  10. As said above, thank you for updates on Ed and for still finding the time to post about the everyday bits of life. Your family remains in our prayers.


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