Thursday, April 19, 2018

Keto To-Go

(Scroll down to the end for an update on Ed's treatment, if you wish.)

Since June Ed has been on a strict ketogenic diet in hopes of controlling his cancer. Obviously it hasn't stopped his cancer, but his neuro-oncologist encouraged him to keep on the diet. Ed has felt so well during chemo, and maybe the diet is helping.

His keto diet is very strict with very high fat, moderate protein, and extremely low carbs. The diet could be considered "whole foods" since it is nearly impossible to find any processed food that fits his needs. In other words, I make nearly everything that goes in his mouth. Traveling is difficult because he can't just grab a sandwich. I find it a challenge to come up with a variety of meals that are easy to transport and can be eaten cold. And, of course, they must taste good.

This week Ed and I spent two days on the road. I'll share what I packed for our meals.

We started out the morning doing deliveries in several cities for Ed's job. Ed had a snack of salted almonds mid-morning.

At lunch we had chicken-celery salad. Celery is a very low-carb vegetable which combines well with chicken, mayo, and olive oil to make a delicious keto meal.

In the afternoon Ed ate some mascerpone-stuffed mini peppers. Mascerpone cheese is similar to cream cheese but has no carbs. Cream cheese is a cheaper option for those not on extremely low-carb diets. Ed eats these peppers for a snack almost daily.

By this time we had arrived at the hospital where Ed had more tests and bloodwork. Afterwards we had some time before his scheduled MRI.

We drove past all the malls and big city entertainment and found a great state park. So good to walk in the spring sunshine after sitting most of the day.

On the dock we ate ham salad on a bed of fresh spinach with some green olives.

For dessert Ed had a fat bomb. There are many recipes for fat bombs online. This one is a mixture of cream cheese, butter, almond flour, stevia, and sugar-free chocolate chips. Yum.

The next morning I grabbed a quick bite at the hotel continental breakfast, but I knew there would be nothing suitable for Ed (besides coffee). At home I had mixed up a concoction of my homemade yogurt, coconut oil, red raspberries, and whipping cream. Ed seemed to enjoy it so I'll put it on the menu again.

Between Ed's morning doctor appointments I pulled out some deviled eggs for Ed. I was afraid lunch would get late and I wanted to give him a substantial snack. I was glad I did. Our next appointment ended up taking far longer than expected. It was after three when we finally made it back to the van and I could get lunch for Ed.

This lunch (or whatever you call a meal eaten at 3:00) was my favorite meal yet. And it is one that doesn't even need refrigeration. I peeled and sliced an avocado into two bowls and then popped open a can of salmon (Sam's Club brand) drained it and layered the salmon on top of the avocado. A dab of Chipotle mayo and we had a delicious lunch. (Eaten too fast to be photographed.)

On the way home at the gas station Ed had a keto lemon-poppy seed muffin with a Sparkling Ice.

So that is how we did two days of keto meals from an ice chest. We were able to stay on Ed's diet and eat yummy food on a very small food budget.

In the past weeks we've had lots of discussions, doctor appointments, and prayer to decide on Ed's next treatment. Ed has decided to take part in a clinical trial testing a new medication. Ed will be taking a small dose of chemotherapy along with this new drug. This new drug is an inhibitor, with the goal of blocking some of the enzymes that the cancer needs for growth.

Ed plans to begin this new treatment next Monday, April 23. Will you pray with us that this treatment will be effective and he will have few side affects?


  1. Gina, I think that is the diet my brother is on. I think he found it hard to do at first but is used to it now. He is just on it for his health not as a treatment for cancer or another illness. I am so very pleased he is doing well and I will definitely will be praying that the treatment will be effective.

    1. The keto diet is very popular right now for a lot of different reasons. And Ed too found that after a few weeks the diet became much easier.

  2. Many prayers on behalf of Ed and yourself. I am impressed that you are able to com exp with such delicious sounding meals for Ed. You are such a blessing for him.

  3. You, Ed, and your family will be prayed for in Hawaii. Thank you for sharing an update on Ed.

  4. It would be our privilege to pray for the success of this new treatment.

  5. Those meals actually look and sound very appetizing! Will definitely be keeping you all in prayer.

    Blessings, Carie

  6. Your constant loss be for your husband and the fact that you are a team is such a blessing. I love that you are together every step of the way. I think of you often as I walk a similar path with my child. Ann

  7. You're doing great, Gina. It sounds time consuming but I know you do it willingly! Many prayers go up for you, and much love to you!

  8. Hi Gina,
    You are a true example and inspiration of unconditional love to your children, family, friends, and me. Even through the mundane task of making meals. Many prayers will be sent your way.

  9. Praying for Ed and you that this new treatment will be a blessing for renewed health! It's so wonderful to follow Ed's progress and actually get to see God's blessings in action!

  10. Hi Mrs. Gina,

    Thank you for the update on Bro. Ed. We will definitely be praying for him as he starts the treatments. I am sure making all those meals takes time but may the Lord bless and reward you for it.

    One question...when you started the Keto diet, did you put your whole family on it, or just Bro. Ed? I was just thinking if it helps children too...

    Another question...can you read/understand spanish?

    Be not afraid neither be thou dismayed, for the Lord thy God is with thee. Because he hath set his love upon thee, therefore He will deliver thee, He will shew thee His salvation, He will be with the in trouble, He will uphold thee with the right hand of His righteousness.

    Sunrise will bring a much brighter tomorrow.

    Kind Regards,

    Kezia - in Mexico

    1. Hi Kezia-
      Only Ed is on the keto diet. Children typically need more carbs than a keto diet, especially Ed's extreme version, would give. When Ed and I are together alone, I often eat his food with him, but I'll admit to packing some cookies for me!

      I'm sorry, I only know a few words of Spanish.

  11. Blessings, dear people! May God grant you perfect peace as you keep walking this road.

  12. Yes, we'll be praying! I absolutely LOVED your post :) --thanks for sharing! Karen

  13. I was praying for you today, even before I read this. I admire your positive outlook, even in cooking special food. (I know from experience it's not easy). God bless you and yours!!

  14. You can count on my prayers.

  15. Praying for you all. Thanks for sharing this post.

  16. YES! We're joining you in prayer, as will our church family here in Maine. Gina, you are doing a wonderful job of continuing to expand your culinary gifts and making meals tasty and healthy for Ed! Praying God continues to give you wisdom, grace and strength! Love, Eunice

  17. You are doing an amazing job on that keto diet! Wow!! I was keto for several years, and I didn't do nearly that well. Have you discovered cauliflower? I find it so helpful. Riced, as a rice substitute; mashed, as a potato substitute, and lightly steamed, it can stand in for potato in casseroles or potato salad.

    Thank you for the update!!

  18. Those all look so yummy and pretty! Praying this week!

  19. My husband is on a keto diet and I recently came up with something that was a real hit. Bake a couple salmon fillets and shred them. Mix with a half dozen chopped hard boiled eggs and add salt, pepper, onion flakes, garlic flakes and mayonnaise to taste. It was excellent, and very easy.

  20. I’m having a hard time with my husband’s new pre-diabetic diet. His physician is keeping him in very tight control with his blood sugar. I really enjoy reading all your posts- but this one gave me a real push to be more creative. I’m inspired by the variety that you have within the type of diet your husband is on! And so resourceful to be able to plan and travel while staying in the dietary requirements! It all sounds delicious!!!
    Praying for Ed for his treatments and no side effects. Praying for you and your family as well as you support Ed


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