Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Garden I Tend

 Here in Pennsylvania, we are having week after week of some of the coldest weather in my memory. Tonight more snow is expected. 

But on my counter is a seed catalog and I have confidence that spring will come again. Stephanie shares a guest post about her garden.

The Garden I Tend

I stroll down the rows
                and exalt
         in the burgeoning green.
The morning glows,
                 as if the air itself burns,
    and I yearn
                 to breathe the light
        like the cabbages and roses.
In the oak, a wren composes—
           a descant for the brook,
    singing low of sudden showers.
The garden waves its dew-clasped hands
               to the waltzing breeze,
         singing slow of unseen flowers.
In my garden,
    no weeds have dared
                to show their faces;
      the plants are jostling for their places,
                      food caught within the buds,
                 everyday miracles
       dangling from stems like participles.
The experiments prosper
          and establish kingdoms
                  at my feet.
The garden has never looked so fine,
         and I rejoice to call it
Oh, the unending joys,
                  of the garden I tend
        in the snows of February.
 Nearly nine years ago, Stephanie married the best man at her wedding, and since the two of them are opposites in almost every way possible, there hasn’t been a dull moment in over 3,127 days. They live on the side of Brush Mountain in central Pennsylvania. God has blessed them with three children to raise for Him and three children safely in heaven. Stephanie is the author of Light My Candle, Prayers in the Darkness of Miscarriage. You can contact her at lightmycandle @ Or check out her blog.

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  1. What a sweet poem to start my day as I also wait here in central Pennsylvania for the next snowstorm. Since I had to scroll to read the lines of a poem, the last line was a complete surprise and made me laugh out loud!


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