Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Chapter Books for Children

More favorite reading at Christmas

One Wintry Night - Ruth Bell Graham
Zeb wanders away from home and can't get back until the snowstorm stops. But the lady who shelters Zeb tells him the Christmas story, starting back before the world was made. Beautiful illustrations.

The Birds' Christmas Carol - Kate Douglas Wiggin
An old classic of the sick Carol who planned a special Christmas party for some needy children. This  is a tear-jerker but a sweet reminder of the joy in serving others.

Turkey for Christmas - Marguerite de Angeli
A favorite author and illustrator tells the story from her childhood. They have just moved to Philadelphia, sister Martha is sick, and there is very little money for Christmas. But there is love, and they find that is all that is needed.

Best Christmas Pageant Ever - Barbara Robinson
The Herdmann children are going to bash the Christmas pageant - and give the church a perspective on Christmas they will never forget. Fun story.

Treasures of the Snow - Patricia M.St. John
Not really a Christmas book, but the book begins at Christmas and contains an important message of forgiveness. A favorite from my childhood and now of my own children.

What would you add to this list?

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  1. I have One Wintry Night, too! I had forgotten about it. Thank you for reminding me. Now I just need to find it; I haven't seen it in a while. :)

  2. I love these lists. I just placed all of these (both this list and the previous one) on hold at the library. (We have great library systems out here!)

    Thanks for posting them!



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