Monday, November 12, 2012

Coupon - Nature Friend magazine

Looking for good reading material for your children?

Discouraged at the lack of quality resources that give God the glory for His creation?

Image of Nature Friend Magazine

My children love the Nature Friend magazine. The photography is excellent. This is a magazine that my children look at repeatedly. They especially enjoy the contributions from readers. One of their favorite sections is "You can Draw."

I remember reading the magazine as a child. These many years later, it still contains stories and articles that encourage exploration of our amazing world.

Some of the articles are geared toward older children, such as astronomy and science articles. Other articles are interesting to the younger family members. As a mom, I get to enjoy it all!

Besides the magazine itself, Nature Friend also publishes a special study guide with each issue that can be added to your subscription. The study guide includes extra projects, articles on wildlife photography, creative writing, and even camp cooking. The study guide would be a great addition for a homeschooler interested in nature study.

On the Nature Friend website you can find sample issues to peruse and much more information. Make sure you check out the page that shows amazing photos of an eastern screech owl nest.

Nature Friend magazine offered to give you a subscription discount.

If you order Nature Friend and use the coupon code HJB1213 you will get $3.00 off. That is like getting a free issue of Nature Friend!

Order a subscription for a child in your life and they will have a gift to enjoy all year. Feel free to share this coupon code with your friends or on your blog. I am in no way befitting from your purchase of Nature Friend. I just want to let others know about this excellent family resource.


  1. It's hard to find Christian magazines for children now a days. I'm gonna have to look into this one. Thanks for sharing!
    Have a great week,

  2. In your opinion, would a ten year-old child enjoy this magazine? I looked at the Website, but your opinion would be of value. Also, how many issues per year are there?
    Thank you!
    - - Philippa

    1. Philippa-
      I think a ten year old would enjoy Nature Friend. My children are ages 3-8 and they all like it but some of the articles are over their head and more for an older child. I think the editor does well in getting a variety of types of articles.

    2. I forgot to answer your other question...There is 12 issues a year, or one per month.

  3. I remember this magazine - growing up! In fact. It was here that I was first published with a pencil sketch that I had done. I keep forgetting about this.

    Earlier this evening I was jotting down a Christmas list for the kiddo's...hmmm.

  4. My children loved getting Nature Friend. I think we subscribed for about 6 years and still have all of the issues! In fact not too long ago my 14 year old son went looking through our old issues searching for an article he remembered from many years ago.

    I have given a subscription to several families as a gift over the years. It would make a great Christmas gift!

    We highly recommend Nature Friend! :)


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