Thursday, May 24, 2012

Book Review - Aaron's Civil War

Aaron's Civil War by Romaine Stouffer is a true story of a young man facing the turbulent times of the American Civil War. Like every youth, Aaron confronted the question of whether he will accept the things his parents have taught him or choose his own path.

I don't know in which category to place this book. If I say that Aaron's Civil War is non-fiction, you may write it off as a  boring history. If I say that it is historical fiction, you may think that it is a romanticized story set in a historical setting. This book is neither.

Aaron's choice to chase the adventure and glory of war were in contrast to his Mennonite upbringing which taught him that taking human life was wrong. Aaron thought that enlisting in the army would be a quick way to make money and become a hero, but the horrors of war quickly brought regrets. The book chronicles Aaron's inner turmoil to find peace with God.

The author thoroughly researched the time period and extensively footnoted the book. The farming practices in rural Pennsylvania in the 1800's and the battles in Virginia that Aaron participated in are described in detail. A few fictionalized characters are added to supply detail but the book is true to the known facts of Aaron's life and the times he lived.

If you enjoy Civil War history, if you enjoy a well written story, if you are a youth struggling with your own personal civil war - read Aaron's Civil War. It is available from Christian Light Publications.

I was given a review copy of Aaron's Civil War by the publisher but all opinions in this review are my own.


  1. This book was very interesting to me as it was about both my and my husband's ancestors. My sister & I are currently researching family history in hopes of publishing a book so it won't be lost. Somehow history isn't so boring when it involves your family. I am reading my great-grandmother's diary and find it very interesting.

    1. Jan -
      Wow! How interesting! And what a treasure to have your great-grandmother's diary! I too find history so much more interesting when there is a personal connection! When you publish your book, let me know!

  2. Gina,

    I absolutely love the new picture of your children! They are darling blessings from God!



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