Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bread Questions

I'm hoping to get back to writing about bread, finally finishing the series I began in the spring.

I plan to answer some of the questions you have asked about sourdough. If you have been wanting to start baking with sourdough, now is a great time to begin a starter!

I'd love to hear your questions to add to future posts. What bread baking problems would you like addressed? I won't promise to know it all, but I'd be glad to try!


  1. If I'm in the middle of canning or baking and have a question, one of the first places I'll look for here! Next I call my mom! :)
    This could not come at a better time because one of my winter projects is to learn the art of bread making. It looks huge! A friend just gave me the book 'Recipes from the Old Mill' and I was thrilled to see it's one of your favorites. Monday I tried your bread recipe. It wasn't chicken food but wouldn't win any prizes. Not giving up yet!

  2. Can you make sourdough with gluten free products, I don't think so, but perhaps you have run across this. Thanks

  3. I have been trying to learn how to make the perfect loaf of bread for sandwiches. The problem I have is that the inside never seems to get done. It is always doughy and heavy still while the outside is almost burnt. I've moved the oven racks around but still no luck. Can I bake the bread for a longer period of time with lower heat? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  4. I have never cared for sourdough anything, so I haven't ever tried making it. I can remember my mom would make a friendship bread when I was little (we called it Herman) and I never did like the flavor, no matter what she made. Is there a very, very mild sourdough? Or should I just stick to "regular" bread when I make it? And when I make bread, sometimes it comes out crumbly, but not necessarily dry. What should I do differently? I don't have a bead machine so I don't make bread often, but sometimes I will make it for potluck or family gatherings. Maybe I just want to feel the dough and smell the smell. :-) Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks for all the time you put into us, you are such a blessing!

  5. I ordered the free sourdough and went by all directions mine never did anything what could I have dine wrong

  6. I have an experience to share. I have been fighting oven spring for years. Tried every trick in the book and finally gave up.
    We were at the restaurant supply store and I spotted some great bread pans and they had two sizes. I light went off in my head and I thought maybe, just maybe my pans are too small. It completely solved my problem to use the 9 in pans. No more ugly bread!

  7. kinda off topic, but I do have a question. Whenever I make bread, or pizza crusts it always has a taste like the yeast, at least I think thats what it is. WHY??????

  8. Thanks so much for your questions and comments. I hope to answer your questions in a post soon!


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